How to Make a Waterless Car Wash Solution

How to Make a Waterless Car Wash Solution

Some people may think that washing a car to have a sleek and clean car would take numerous buckets of water. With a waterless car wash solution, you can save a lot of water.

It’s possible to clean your car though there’s drought. The result is the same as the traditional car wash.

Waterless Car Wash Solution

A waterless car wash solution is a spray that is composed of pre-mixed chemicals with high lubricity. It is used to wash and polish the surface of the car.

It is sprayed on the car’s panel and wiped carefully. It leaves a dry and shiny surface free from dirt and grime. 

It is usually recommended for cars’ with light dirt. It can be in the form of a concentrate and ready-to-use formula.

You can make your own waterless solution at home rather than buying one.

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Making a Waterless Car Wash Solution in a Bottle

This solution is for spray bottles in the size of 24 ounces. You can use the bigger ones. The bottle should have a twist nozzle. 

  • You can get one from the gardening side in some stores.
  • Use a teaspoon of wash and wax concentrate. Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax will do.
  • Add a quarter or half of the liquid wax then shake it properly. 
  • Add water slowly, and you have to fill the quarter part of the bottle. Suds are unwanted in this mixture. 
  • Whirl the mixture for about a minute or take your time as the liquid wax is melted and dissolved in the mixture.
  • Just add the water slowly until it reaches the 24 oz mark.
  • Cover the bottle, and before you apply it to your vehicle, you have to shake it. Avoid the formation of suds.

Myths Regarding Waterless Wash Solution: Why Do it Yourself

1. Scratching Issues

A claim says that using some products can destroy the car’s paint. However, the fact is that the wrong choice of product and improper techniques cause scratching and marring.

For example, be mindful of the fact that the product contains silicone. This element allows the process called ‘drifting.’

Drifting is when silicone embeds itself in the paint of the car. Later on, it brings severe problems when repainting and doing paint touch-ups.

When silicone embeds deeper into the paint when the car is washed using water, worse cases can happen. When it’s exposed to UV sunlight, damage of paintwork and loss of shine follow.

The surface of the car would also be prone to capture contaminants. 

Another important thing to practice is the kind of towel that you use. A microfiber towel with high-quality is apt for this job.

A terry cloth in a minimum weight of 300GSM is also fit for this step. It does not have a rough feeling like a low-quality type of cloth.

The latter may leave a scratch when you use it with a waterless car wash solution. The wiping technique also matters. 

The strokes should be in one direction. The solution should be wiped off the surface before it dries. 

Don’t press too much when wiping as it can leave micro-scratches. Avoid wiping in a circular motion as dirt will eventually return to the surface that you wiped.

2. Waterless Car Wash Solution, not Environmental Friendly?

It’s debatable if the waterless car wash solution is environmentally friendly. It also depends on the product that you use. 

It’s good to have a product that is VOC compliant. Surfactants are reliable ingredients of the solution as they are considered organic and free of petrochemicals. 

The traditional car washing consumes 20 to 50 gallons of water. So waterless car wash is good for the environment by saving up water. 

The soapy water filled with oil, gasoline, and exhaust fumes will be absorbed by the soil. 

So, making a waterless car wash solution at home would assure you that you use safe chemicals. Knowing to apply it to your car results in a nice appearance. 

Guide in Applying Waterless Car Wash Solution

1. Fold the microfiber towel twice in half so you can create eight functional sides. This kind of towel has high softness and absorbency, so it is capable of scooping up dirt well.

2. Just think of how you can split your car into different parts so you can work on each of them at a time. It can be:

  • Roof
  • Side glass
  • Side doors (upper half)
  • Front and rear bumper
  • Hood and trunk
  • Wheels
  • The lower half of the side doors
  • You may want to use different microfiber cloths for each part. Incorrect usage of this cloth causes scratches.
  • Don’t use a dirty cloth or after it has accumulated a lot of particles. You can watch it first before using it again.

3. It’s advisable to start at the top of the car to avoid spilling when washing the roof. Spray the solution on a folded microfiber cloth.

Then gently wipe it on the panel of the car with a cloth. Promptly buff it with another clean microfiber cloth. 

4. Wipe in one direction gently and not much pressure. You can linearly follow the direction of the wind.

The circular motion would only keep your vehicle dirty.

5. Use the other side when the other one gets dirty. It is to keep the dirt from coming back to the car’s surface.

Repeat the same process for other parts of the car. You have to use a separate microfiber towel for the brakes since the pads have some chemical fluids.

Think About Using Waterless Car Wash Solution

It would usually take 15 – 20 minutes using this solution in a medium-sized car. It’s a car wash in a bottle in a literal sense.

It can easily get rid of grime, tar, and even bugs that got stuck on the car’s surface for a long time. It’s also used for tires so it can be multi-purpose. 


If you want to save water as you care about the environment, it is the perfect option for washing your car. But you’ll need to prepare pieces of cloth. 

It’s not only the surface of the car that can benefit from this but as well as other parts of the car. Know the proper ways, so cleaning with little water won’t be a disaster.

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