How to Make an Fm Antenna From Speaker Wire

How to Make an Fm Antenna From Speaker Wire

In listening to a radio, whether it is an FM or AM, it requires a good signal to have clarity on what you are listening to. Hence, this is great when you have a good signal in your location. However, what if you don’t have or let’s say you are on your road trip, and not all areas can receive proper signals. The tendency is that you may skip or have a buzzy sound. You might also think or ask, what if you can use speaker wire to make an FM antenna. The answer is yes, definitely you can make that. There are ways you can enhance your receiving signal to your radio, and we can help you with that. 

What to Do

Step 1

Prepare your dual speaker wires, at least you have ten feet in you. Split the wires to create a T-shape with a measurement of 3 feet perpendicular to the 7 feet. Strip the end of the insulation of the wire (2 inches) and connect the wire to the speaker. Make sure you find the external connection hole of the speaker (ant or ext). Wrap the speaker’s post and then clamp and hold connectors. Twist the wires together and – this is connecting to the hold or clamp of the stereo.

Step 2

In extending the antenna, place the receiver near your window. Then, position the wire as high as possible (that’s outside of your window). Next is to extend the wires oppositely of the window (that’s two different directions). Check the necessary reception of the receiver by switching it on. Check as well the signal of every channel you expect to get a signal. Try to move the wire in the direction where you think it can get better signal reception. Or try to extend some end part of the wire if you are not satisfied with the signal. 

Step 3

If you want to have a much better signal, try to add length to your wire. You only need to cut the speaker’s wire length and separate them into two different wires. Then strip off the insulation of the long wire and the other end of the antenna leads. Twist the two wires together (both ends). You can repeat this process to the other leads so that you can extend the overall length of the two leads again. If finishing with a nail is necessary if it needs additional support.

This process is an easy way to make an FM antenna using speaker wires. For your AM signal needs, this maybe not that good in terms of reception. You can try a loop antenna, by coiling the wires and see if that can help. Speaker wires can help in signal receptions, though it has limitations. It is not that effective in catching excellent signal receptions in long ranges. It is ideal in a quick range distance to enhance the quality of the reception. For some cases, like if you are 30 miles away from a tower or broadcasting site, this antenna is not that reliable in giving you a signal. 

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