How to Make Aux in Old Car Stereo

How to Make Aux in Old Car Stereo

Using an Aux or car stereo auxiliary gives every motorist capacity to connect their audio device into their car sound system. Thanks to modern car designs, which are mostly offering auxiliary port, giving every car owner the convenience he/she deserves. 

However, old car models do not include such feature yet; it’s not a problem anymore because you can install it on your own. In fact, with the right instruction and material, you don’t need to pay a visit to a local audio shop to deal with this matter, you can always install an aux in your old car stereo at the very comfort of your home. 

Comprehensive Installation Guide

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Step 1- Assessment Time 

When it comes to installing a car stereo auxiliary, the very first thing you must do is to assess your car on what removal method you should use. 

If your car stereo designed its interior trim as its boundary, you must use screws to remove the trim and put it away from the stereo. However, if your car model doesn’t have a trim, you will need to use DIN tools for you to remove the radio. 

With this, you can refer to your car manual for specific and reliable details. 

Step 2 – Get the stereo’s model number 

Always put in mind that the audio output of different stereotypes varies depending on the model. Therefore, you need to get the model number because it will give you some help in finding what auxiliary is compatible with your stereo. 

Take note that car stereos with white and red RCA outputs need RCA aux cable only. 

Step 3 – Open the hood of your car 

This time, you must open the hood of your car, don’t forget to use your car’s parking brake when doing so to ensure safety. Put off the black or the negative terminal of your car’s battery to avoid an unnecessary incident like shorting of equipment. 

Step 4 – Remove the trim 

Remove the trim, including the screws that give security to your car stereo from the dash. You can use the two DIN tools for other types of car’s radio. Slide the stereo either through the trim or through the DIN tools. 

Step 5 – Connect the auxiliary input into its appropriate port

This step involves the right connectivity for auxiliary input adapter’s DIN into the corresponding port found in the back of your car stereo. Once done, connect auxiliary input adapter’s RCA cable in white and red colors to the RCA ports of aux adapter. 

Some stereos have already RCA ports, if you have this car model, what you need to do is to match the RCA to red and white plug-ins of your aux adapter. 

Step 6 – Feed the RCA auxiliary end to AUX adapter

Finally, in the last step, feed the RCA’s auxiliary end to AUX adapter out to the car’s seating area. You may remove it in the center console’s side panel or through its bottom part. 

Now that you’re done, you can now release a high-quality-tune and enjoy the perks of having an installed aux in your car. Just a simple note, though, set up your phone or other devices before driving your car to avoid accidents.

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