How to Make Car Air Freshener With Fragrance Oil

How to Make Car Air Freshener With Fragrance Oil

The common car air fresheners may bring negative effects on health. So you can make a safe version, which is the home-made air freshener. 

It’s affordable, and it works like the ones that you can buy. 

Essential and Fragrance Oil you can Use in Making Air Freshener

You can pick from the following essential oils to make a car air freshener. They won’t only make a pleasant and good-smelling environment in your car, but it has many beneficial properties like anti-fungal, antiviral, and even antibiotic.

1. Antifungal Essential Oil

Patchouli, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, sage, thyme, melaleuca

2. Antibacterial Essential Oil

Roman chamomile, rosemary, lavender, lemon, lime, wild orange, sandalwood, sage, cypress, clove, bergamot, peppermint, patchouli, wintergreen, melaleuca, eucalyptus, marjoram

3. Antiviral Essential Oil

Thyme, oregano, melaleuca, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, sandalwood, lemon, lavender

Making DIY Car Air Freshener with Fragrance Oil

You can all do the required steps in making a car air freshener using essential oil with a nice fragrance. You will need 10 minutes for preparation and another 10 minutes to make it. 

It is good for one serving. You need 5 ml of denatured alcohol like vodka, etc. Of course, you can choose from many options above. The essential oil should also be in 5 ml.

1. You have to prepare the air freshener bottle. Remove a small plastic stopper if there’s any underneath the cap.

2. Use a small funnel when pouring the alcohol into the bottle. It should take half of the space of the bottle. 

5ml alcohol is a good estimate for the usual 12ml bottle. You can use denatured alcohol.

Vodka has slower evaporation and lowers alcohol content. So its longevity is a bit longer.

3. You can add the essential oil, making it a half and a half mix. The required essential oil is 5ml too.

You can also add more alcohol as it doesn’t make much difference with the strength of the scent. This way can save you money.

4. Cover the bottle with a wooden cap without the plastic stopper. Wet the cap with the liquid mixture by tipping it over.

5. You can proceed to hang the bottle that you made from your car’s rearview mirror. There’s a need for adjustment of the cord so the air freshener won’t hit the windshield when the car encounters bumps on the road.

Tip the bottle long enough to wet the wooden cap if you need more scent to go all over your car. The plastic stopper can hinder evaporation when the air freshener is not in use. 

You can use different essential oils in a single mixture. Mixing and matching scent would give you various smells to explore.

Why Use Alcohol in Making Car Air Freshener?

Alcohol is important for the preservation of the mixture and makes dispersion happen. The quick evaporation caused by alcohol helps spread the scent around the car. 

If you only use oil, preservation is not necessary. You can enjoy a safe air freshener in a nice-smelling car without spending a lot. 

Afterthoughts About Fragrance Oil in Air Freshener

This method of utilizing fragrance oil in your air freshener gets rid of the odor that lingers in your car. It can also soothe your senses, and you can get remedial properties like anti-fungal, antibiotic, and antiviral. It’s a plus factor that you’ll be able to choose a various scent and combine some of them

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