How to Make Car Seat Covers Fit Better

When you are planning on securing new seat covers, but don’t have the time to sew one, then there is one solution for you: aftermarket seat covers.  There are two types of aftermarket seat covers: universal and custom-fit. Universal covers are found everywhere. Check your nearest retail store, auto shop, or online. Custom-fit, on the other hand, is purchased to match your exact car’s seats. There are a lot of shops who give this kind of service. Though it could be a little expensive, you won’t have any problem with the quality and the fit. 

Yet, if you opted for aftermarket seat covers, this will still do. Though they may not perfectly fit well with the curves, the seat cover will mold to the seats in no time. 

Here are the steps on how to make a car seat fit better. 

Step 1. Take Your Pick

Take note of your car’s model and car seat style. You may need this once you browse through the store looking for your perfect seat covers. 

Read the labels of the aftermarket seat covers. There are different brands available, so you will have adequate choices to choose from. You have the full liberty to choose whatever style of quality you prefer to be. 

There are also different styles. Some seat covers come in two pieces; one for the seat bottom and one for the back. Others have only one piece. Decide which one is suitable for your car. 

Step 2.  Check and Fit

When you have purchased the seat covers, start the work in installing them. 

There will be a thorough guide from the packet, so it is better to check that for further details.  There might be some special things you need to add for your universal seat cover to fit. 

Take the seat out of their cover and gently spread them on a clean surface. This will help you get a clearer view of the strings needed to be attached. Check before installing them. Make sure every string is secured to the cover, and all the locks are working. 

Step 3. Cover the Seats

Take the car’s headrest off. Get the car headrest cover that comes with the packet, and fit it in.  Once the headrests are off the seat. Start fitting the seat covers. 

If you pick the one-piece seat cover, all you need to do is ‘dress’ your car seat using it. Fit it first on the seat’s back and gently pull it down until it reaches the bottom of the seat. Make necessary adjustments to fit it perfectly. 

When you opt to purchase the two-piece cover, start by fitting the seat bottom cover first.  Fit it up from the front first. Take the strap string and slide it down in the separation seat and pull it on the back. Adjust until the bottom is covered perfectly.  Then fit the back cover. Gently pull it down and make necessary adjustments as well.

Step 4. Secure the Straps

Securing the straps is easy for the front and back bottom seat cover, but it will get a little tricky for the side seat straps. Have a little patient, and make sure everything is secure and tight. After securing the strap, put the headrest back in place, and give your car the finishing touches and adjustments. 

In more or less an hour, the installation of your car seat is done. This is just easy and convenient. Plus, you were able to save money and time. The key is to choose the best seat covers which are easy to use, with good quality, and need a few instructions and straps to secure. Your car seat will look brand new once again. Now, you will have more fun, and have greater comfort while driving around. 

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