How to Make FM Antenna For Stereo Receiver

How to Make FM Antenna For Stereo Receiver

The factor that brings the reception of FM radio is the gap between the receiver and the tower for transmission. The strongest signal is gained by the receiver without an antenna. However, interference and drifting signal can happen.

A simple antenna has more advantages than it. It can get a stable signal even from strong stations.

The receiver becomes capable of recognizing stations from a distance and even the weak transmitters. An example of it is the dipole antenna as it bears simple configuration, as well as its construction, which is made of inexpensive materials.

What is a Dipole Antenna

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It is one of the simplest antennas that you can find. It’s an electrical conductor in a straight form and in half-wavelength that comes from its both ends. 

Dipole Antenna can also be connected to the feed line of radiofrequency. It can both constitute and receive the elements found even in sophisticated antennas. 

This kind of antenna can be in a slant, vertical, or horizontal position. It is often utilized for the FM broadcast reception, and it can provide the best reception among other possible options.

Steps You Need to Follow in Making FM Antenna for Stereo Receiver

Necessary Items

Electrical tape

Light gauge, two-conductor insulated wire, 10 feet

Mounting hardware

Tape measure

Wire strippers

Step 1

From the end of the wire, you have to start measuring 28.75 inches. Use electrical tape to wrap that part, and it should be done a couple of times. It establishes a quarter-wavelength that is usually tuned to the middle phase of the FM radio band. 

Step 2

You can start splitting the wire from the tape’s end. You have to spread the wires in a way that they go in opposite directions. This step would make the two poles that are necessary for the dipole antenna. You have to get rid of half-inch insulation on the antenna’s opposite end by using a wire stripper. Fraying should be prevented. You can do it by twisting the exposed ends.

Step 3

The two exposed ends should be linked with the screw terminals on the receiver. It should be on the spot that is reserved for the FM antenna.

The screws can be loosened by your bare hands or with a screwdriver. The way you do this will depend on the type of the receiver.

Step 4

Let the exposed wires wrap around the screw threads. You do the tightening at this point. You don’t have to think too much about the connection of the wires to the terminal. 

Step 5

To obtain the best results, the antenna’s poles should be adjusted and extended. The dipole antenna is directional, so the reception will be altered when you change orientation and location.

The individual’s stations are affected differently. You can enhance the support needed by the antenna through additional tape and hardware. 

More Helpful Information 

The improvement of reception that can be done by a simple dipole antenna doesn’t depend on the antenna at all. You can do some other things to make it work better.

Put the antenna at a high level or even away from the obstruction. Also you can also add coaxial cables and baluns or simple electronic filters to improve the design. 

Final Thoughts

To able to get a good and reliable reception, this article shows you a simple way to make a dipole antenna. It can be done in an easy way without a lot of demand and complications. 

It doesn’t require a lot of money to buy the materials. Since it’s for internal use because it will connect with your car’s receiver, you can get the common materials as it won’t be easily degraded by the weather. 

With this antenna, you will be able to access any station that you like.

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