How to Make Homemade Tire Chains

How to Make Homemade Tire Chains

Snow chains or tire chains are efficient and helpful, but they can be costly. If you don’t usually drive in the snowy weather or muddy terrains, it would be unfortunate to spend money only to have your tire chains used once in a while. But some alternatives would let you save a couple of dollars. You can create a tire chain at home using a few tools and some simple instructions. Here’s are the steps on how to do it.

Measure the amount of chain you need

Using a tape measure, calculate the width of the tire from one side to another. Get the measure in inches and multiply it by the standard of the pi (3.14). Take note of the answer and double the measurement for each side. This is the length needed for one tire.

Calculate and multiply the chain length of the tire four times or in any desired number of chains you want to have. 

Next is to estimate the size of the tires. Simply put the measuring tape around the tire, take the number and multiply it by the number of width chains you wish to put. It is the measure of the string width parts you require. You can add a couple of inches for extra measures, or when you plan on making any designs for the chain width. 

Choose your preferred chains

You can go to any hardware store to buy your chains. There are many things to choose from. These chains are cheaper, depending on the size and kind. Tire chains are available in a variety of types, which range from cost, traction, strength, easy installation, and approved driving speed. Choose whichever you preferred. It is also better to ask which chains are best used for snow chains. Pick one that is suitable for your car’s needs.

Time to cut the chains

Take the chains, and measure the chain’s length equivalent to one tire’s measurements. Cut it and set aside. Cut also the width measurement to your preferred number of chain sections.

 You can use bolt cutters or angle grinder with a cutting disk, whatever is available. Lay the cut chains on the floor to check if they are all in the same length.  This is easier for you to chain them if they are already arranged.

Chain them together

After cutting the correct chain length, as well as the width chains, connect all the chains using pliers to form the tire chains. Welding rods will also help secure the chains better. You can create your own styles for the classic vertical width chains. 

After checking the all the chains are tied and secured, you can install the tire chains to your tires.  You can also use some springboard to snug the chains perfectly wheel.

Installing tire chains is a really useful survival skill to have in colder weather, and to have it cheaper than most commercial ones is already a win. You can also guarantee the quality of your snow tires when you make it yourself so you will feel safer while driving. These homemade chain tires assure durability, low cost, and security. If you are up for an experience and are hand-on on your car’s needs, these do-it-yourself snow tires are your answers.

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