How to Make Liquid Air Freshener Last Longer

How to Make Liquid Air Freshener Last Longer

There are many kinds of essential oil with antifungal, antibiotic, and antiviral properties. At the same time, there are a lot of scents that you can choose from.

So liquid air freshener can be done by mixing and matching various scents. Not only would you love this characteristic, but liquid air freshener can last longer.

You can make liquid air freshener with longer longevity. Oil and water don’t mix. 

Alcohol is usually added as the base of the air freshener.

How Does Alcohol Work with Essential Oil?

Alcohol can promote dispersion and preservation. To be precise, denatured alcohol like ethanol or isopropyl and even vodka can be used.

Alcohol has a nature of quick evaporation. This allows the scent to spread vastly on the area where it is deployed. 

Preservation is done as you can control the amount of the mixture when the air freshener is in a bottle. You just wet the wooden cap of the bottle to have more scent.

Cool Weather and Winter can Help Liquid Air Freshener Last Longer

The life span of the liquid air freshener is prolonged during winter and cool months. The coolness helps the circulation of the scent even though you just half-open the product.

You would only need to fully open it when you need to get rid of a strong odor. 

How to Make Liquid Air Freshener that Can Last Longer

Liquid air fresheners can be put in many kinds of containers. The mixture can be in a dispenser, reed diffuser, and plugin, which needs power from electricity.

Here are some recipes that you can follow to have liquid air freshener last longer.

Long Life of Reed Diffuser with Essential Oil

Reed diffuser is great as it’s practical, and it delivers non-intensive diffusion cars or rooms. When using essential oil in the mixture, it comes out that a lesser amount can make it more effective.

If the reed diffuser is in constant use, which is not advisable, a 10 ml bottle is needed for a week. Here’s how to make one.

1. A 10 ml bottle should be filled half alcohol and half of the essential oil of your choice. The aroma is subtle, but it can occupy the entire room or car.

2. Dip both ends of the reed into the essential oil. You can put it inside or outside an empty bottle for the scent to dissipate. 

So your senses won’t be too overwhelmed by the scent.

3. You can use a few reeds.

4. Remove the reeds and put them on a wooden tray when you want to stop diffusing, or you simply don’t need air freshener.

You can replace it once you want it to work.

5. Wait a bit longer in flipping the reed to the other so you can get the most out of each end. 

Plug-in Air Freshener

You can use an old plug-in with a bulb to be filled with your mixture that contains essential oil. 

Here are the easy steps.

1. The old plug-in and bulb should be cleaned first. Residue should be removed.

You can use a cleaning wipe or something handy like a toothbrush.

2. Remove the wick, and since it has to be reused, it’s best to soak it in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes. To absorb the water from the wick, use a tissue or old rag to squeeze out the excess. 

It would also remove the scent from the previous mixture.

3. You can fill 1/3 of the bulb with the selected essential oil. 

4. Fill the rest of the space with water. The oil will float atop. 

5. Put the wick back to the bulb. Shake it before using although water and oil don’t mix. 

These two elements will continue to separate, but as long as the wick is soaked both of them, it will give out the scent. You can get the natural and refreshing aroma from it. 

Ways to Make the Liquid Air Freshener Last Longer

1. Embracing Fresh Air

Based on the study, indoor air is dirtier than the one outdoors. The culprits are the VOCs, cleaning supply, aerosols, and recycled air.

Building up of odor happens in a closed space too. If it feels stuffy inside your car or in your room as you often keep the air freshener on, embracing fresh air is what you need. 

Air purifiers can help with pollen and allergens. You can open the windows of your car or room for about half an hour. 

You have to do it from time to time to have good air circulation. There’s no need to turn on the air freshener all the time so you can make it last longer.

2. Know the Odor Sources

Don’t just keep on covering odor by air freshener, but you must know where the odor is coming from. Once you find it, you can clean up some things. 

You don’t have to consistently turn on your air freshener.

3. Giving Attention to AC system

If there’s a foul smell that won’t go away even though you’re overusing air freshener, it’s time to check your AC system. Mold and mildew can accumulate there due to frequent recirculation.

You can spray your AC with disinfectant. 

4. Activated Charcoal

It is the most effective way of eliminating bad odor, and it’s also the cheapest. You can choose any activated charcoal and put it in a bag.

You can hang it in your house or car to absorb unwanted odors. If it loses its strength, you can let it stay under the sun to get reactivated. 

The Bottomline 

A drop of liquid air freshener can spread all over a decent amount of space. It is the contribution of alcohol to its function. To be able to regulate the drops is another way of making it last longer in a sense that you can save it up.

When something requires only a little amount, it’s a way of saving so it can last longer.

Minimizing odor is another way of making your liquid air freshener extend its longevity. Instead of using your air freshener to shoo the bad odor away, it’s better that you enjoy it’s the scent.

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