How to Make Soapy Water for Window Tint

How to Make Soapy Water for Window Tint

It can’t be avoided that your window tint will turn dirty. You might see some bubble formation on the edges and the purple tinge as the film’s metallic dye breaks down. It is a common reason for many to remove their window tint when it started to wear off. 

You would also question yourself if you observe the right ways of cleaning the window tint so you can avoid these things from happening. There may be ways on how to deal with these things properly.

The Purpose of Soapy Water on Window Tint

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You can save money from not frequently removing the tint. So you shouldn’t skip cleaning the window tint, in this case, to protect the tint from any damage.

Some vehicle owners got bored with the color of their windows, and they want to get something new. Some may do it to submit to the kind of tint the law requires. 

The good part is that you don’t need an expert to do it for you. You can trust yourself to do it, and even the cleaning after the tint is peeled off. 

You can use a fabric steamer to let the window tint separate from the surface. The entire piece would come off as a whole. 

Another way to do it is by covering the window tint by newspaper and apply soapy water. It won’t only let the cover peel off, but you would also clean the window’s surface. It’s like hitting two birds by one stone, so it’s more favorable than the first option.

After going through those words, you would come to think about how you would make the soapy water since you would do the process by yourself. You need to think over how to keep your window tint in good condition.

You have to make your window tint free from any grease, dust, dirt, smudges, handprints, and other kinds of build-up. You want to prevent erosion of the tint and to break down the adhesive part. You don’t have to worry about those things when cleaning your window tint as the soapy water is gentle. 

The Right Ingredients for Making Soapy Water for Window Tint

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It’s best to make your own soapy water rather than using window cleaners. You should know that they can cause things that you won’t like your windows to experience.

Window cleaners have ammonia, which is only great for the rubber gasket. It can also create a flaw like streaks on the surface, and it can even bring the tint to fade. 

1. Alcohol

The disinfecting attribute of alcohol is not the least on why it should be used in making soapy water. The rest of the elements in this substance is all safe for the window tint. 

2. Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap

Most professionals use this one, so as one who does the making of soapy water for his or her own sake, you would also do it too. You can trust its mildness as it is used for the baby’s skin.

It has wetting agents that can enhance the adhesive pull. When there’s no contamination that would occur between the glass and the glue, it guarantees you with less peel. 

3. Distilled Water

It’s advisable to avoid tap water in making a soapy solution for your window tint. Though some would be fine with warm tap water.

The assurance that distilled water can give you is that it won’t leave any marks after cleaning until the surface dries up. 

Making Soapy Water for Window Tint

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There is more than one soapy water mixture that you can use for your window tint. It can also be used for more than a single reason. You can use it for cleaning or for your intention to remove the tint.

Alcohol and Baby Soap

Things that you Need:

Isopropyl alcohol, 91% but 70% will do – 2 tablespoons

Johnson & Johnson baby soap – 2 drops

Distilled water

A spray bottle that mists


1. You have to fill the bottle with 90% water; then you can add the soap and the alcohol. 

2. You can also mix the same amount of water, soap, and alcohol in a saucepan. Stir the mixture with a spoon. 

3. You can use a funnel to transfer the soapy water into the bottle so it won’t spill and be put to waste. 

Only with Baby Soap


1. Pour 1/4 teaspoon of baby soap into the spray bottle. Then add a quarter of water. It’s always recommended to use distilled water.

2. Close the lid of the spray bottle tightly so you won’t waste it when shaking. Do it to mix the two ingredients thoroughly.

3. Let the bottle stay on its own first as you need the bubbles to dissipate before you spray it on your window tint.

Sum It Up

As you can see, making the right soapy water for your window tint includes few things. It’s so easy to make, and you only need to know the type of things that won’t harm the window tint. 

The purpose of applying soapy water is to clean the window while it doesn’t damage the tint. It is made possible by using ingredients that are not too harsh to the surface and the adhesion.

This soapy water solution can also be used on the time that you want to remove the tint. But you need to do it a couple of times and let it stay for 30 minutes. It takes more time than using a fabric steamer. 

There’s no excuse in making your own soapy water for the window tint as they can be done in a breeze with the help of few things.

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