How to Make Subwoofers Louder

How to Make Subwoofers Louder

Is subwoofer not producing loud sounds anymore? Subwoofers are way much better in producing loud sounds. However, when it is not doing well, you might need to change a bit of adjustment. 

You don’t need to spend more if you wanted a loud sound. The use of amplifiers is quite expensive. However, with the right duos, you can make the best of your subwoofers. 

Things to Consider 

Your subwoofer may not be enough to produce loud sounds, but there are things you can do to make it better. Before making a way on how to enhance and make your subwoofer louder, there are few things you need to consider as well. 


One of the most important components of a subwoofer is the wiring. When there are problems in your subwoofer’s wire, it will influence its capacity to produce good and loud sounds. More than knowing the basic composition of the wiring, did you know that understanding your car audio’s wiring is crucial to any subwoofer owner? In fact, when wirings are not positioned properly and correctly, you might end up with a loud noise, you don’t want to hear out. 

The Ohms

When you wire your subwoofer, connecting it based on the lowest possible ohms that the amplifier can handle is important. 2 Ohms is able to handle typical amps, and those new class D amps can only take up to 1-Ohm. In case you do not know, you cannot correlate Ohms with quality. This is because Ohms concerns the loudness of your subwoofer. With low Ohms, the louder the sound produced is. 


You need to achieve the right and correct volume of your subwoofer’s box to achieve loud sounds. 

Making your Subwoofer Louder 

There are different methods available which you can do to enhance and make your subwoofer produce loud sounds. Experts advise three effective methods you can use, which you can do on your own. 

1. Adjust some settings of your subwoofer 

Before applying this method, you also need to change the place of your subwoofer first. Most 6 Db bass has enough capacity to enhance and boost loud sounds without changing some materials and amplifiers. 

Now that your subwoofer is already at the right place play some sound and adjust to your desired loudness. 

2. Use an amplifier 

The most common way to increase the loudness of your subwoofer is the use of an amplifier. Nevertheless, it is something which is difficult to afford since it is a bit expensive. The good thing, there are ways you can do to solve such a dilemma. One of these ways is to use a good car audio system. This audio system has many inclusions like amplifiers, subwoofers, and amp kit. 

Just a brief reminder, before choosing an item to buy, always read the specification. Check how much resistance of ohm a voice coil can handle for optimum performance. In addition, a subwoofer will require a certain power of watts an amp can produce. There are three requirements needed for a really good performance of subwoofer that will produce a loud sound. More than the amplifier, the resistance of the subwoofer to produce a loud sound is another factor to consider. 

Considering such a factor of subwoofer and amplifier to produce a loud sound, you can now manipulate and made some fixing until you reach your desired loudness. 

3. Make some changes in its audio system 

Most of the subwoofer’s performance is likely influenced by the placement. You can change the position of your subwoofer for at least 5 feet from its past location. Now, check the connectivity options of your subwoofer. There is input like “LFE”, “Direct, and “Bypass”. Use a cable between your receiver and subwoofer. 

When a cable is already connected, turning the control know to the maximum is your second step. There are numerical settings you can see, and you can control your desired loudness. However, do not fix the control knob to the highest volume; this is because the highest volume might cause distortion for low ampere. 

Final Words

As long as your subwoofer has a good quality, it will always give a great loud sound. However, the right blending in the settings is also necessary for the maximum performance of a subwoofer. 

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