How to Make Your Car Seat More Comfortable

How to Make Your Car Seat More Comfortable

One of the many things people consider when buying a car is its exterior excellence – a sleek and exquisite finish that boasts off a great appeal. But almost all drivers know that maintaining the car’s interior is always more important.

If you spend a significant amount of your day driving up and down to work, you know you need to have a clean and comfortable interior to make the car feel new and nice. Aside from its aesthetics advantages, keeping a car’s interior clutter-free and comfortable has other benefits:

Benefits of Having a Comfortable Car Interior

  • Prevent excess wear and tear. Cars are always subject to everyday wear and tear. Dirt, dust, sand, and other particles can hasten the process up to ten times more than normal. These substances can all wear away the interior’s surfaces and upholstery.
  • Avoid mental and physical health issues. A clean car interior will not only help you avoid allergies and other problems associated with poor indoor air quality, but it can also lower stress, then lower blood pressure levels. Numerous studies have shown that clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli that can add stress and leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed.
  • Increase driving safety. Clean and well-maintained interiors make for safer cars. It ensures that hazards are removed to avoid obscuring the driver’s view, especially at night.
  • Saves money. A clean car allows you to save money in a number of ways. First, unnecessary items inside (and outside) the car add extra weight, which makes the car eat up more gas. Second, it also ensures that chances of repairing are minimized since the lifespan is increased. Last, by preserving the car, you get to preserve its retail value as well in case you would want to sell the car in the future.

Aside from keeping the interiors clean, there are several adjustments you can make to create your driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Useful Ways to Make Car Seats More Comfortable

  • Adjust the car seat for maximum comfort and support. To set the ideal position, sit back in the seat with your shoulder blades pressed back into the chair and hold your arms out straight. Wrists should touch the top of the steering wheel. With this, you should find that you have a bend of around 120 degrees in your arm when your hands grasp the wheels when driving. Ensure that the back of your knees maintains a two-finger gap from the seat. Next, adjust the seat to a position that will allow you to depress all foot pedals without your back moving away from the back of the seat. A small bend in the knee of at least 20 to 30 degrees should be maintained to avoid knee pains.
  • Add ergonomic seat cushions. Adding cushions and padding on top of the car seat can help adjust the seat height as necessary. They also support the hips, buttocks, and thighs while driving by decreasing vibrations from the road and creating a softer and smoother ride. Lumbar cushions that attach to the back of the seat can also create a curve that fits your lower back and give it the needed support.
  • Use custom-fit and thermal seat covers. An important car add-on is car seat covers. Seat covers are specially designed to protect that car seat’s upholstery from wear and tear associated with everyday use. They also come in different plush fabrics and materials that can make your car seat feel softer and more comfortable. Thermal seat covers are also gaining popularity these days as they are designed with special ventilation and cooling layer to provide comfort on hot and cold temperatures. They are easy to install by simply plugging into a car’s cigarette lighter.
  • Add seatbelt covers. Seatbelts are one of the essentials in every vehicle as they are designed to prevent severe injuries during a crash. However, wearing one can be uncomfortable. Enter, seat belt covers. These accessories are often designed with soft and comfortable materials to help prevent the irritation caused by uncomfortable seat belts.
  • Add a neck pillow. Research shows that neck pillows with firm support and good shape are more effective in reducing morning neck pain than regular pillows. Neck pillows are especially valuable for drivers who take long trips without breaks as they are specially designed to support the neck and head in a natural position.  

A comfortable and organized driving space offers a number of benefits, including driver’s safety. Instead of struggling with an uncomfortable seat, you can focus on enjoying the drive. It pays to invest time and some money to ensure that your car interior’ stays clean and comfortable by following the suggestions above.

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