How to Measure Car Stereo

How to Measure Car Stereo

Is measuring my car stereo necessary? Well, if you happen to ask yourself such a question, the answer would be yes. The truth is that not all car stereos will fit in your car. You would not want to buy a new car stereo and ending up frustrated because it simply doesn’t fit, right?

There are two methods you can use to make sure that you are buying the right size for your car stereo. You can use a database system or do an actual measurement by yourself to get the right size of your car stereo. 

While the first option seems very convenient, the second option also gives an accurate answer. Well, whichever way you’ll choose, it’s better to have an idea of how to do both. 

Stereo Sizing Options

Basically, there are two main sizes when it comes to finding out the measurement of car stereo: single and double DIN car stereo. 

·      Single DIN stereo 

As car stereo uses DIN, the German body that formulated the standard of car stereos when it comes to width and height. 

A single DIN head unit indicates that its width and height are specified under DIN standards—also, this stereo measure 7 x 2 inches and fits in the front part of the faceplate. 

If your car model is originally fitted for a single DIN car stereo, your only option is to install another single DIN head unit. Keep in mind that a car with a double DIN car stereo will not fit in because of its bigger size. 

·      Double DIN stereo 

The difference with double DIN from the single DIN is the size. Double DIN car stereo measures 7 x 4 inches, which are still placed in the spot the same as single DIN. This car stereo is twice taller than the single DIN. 

On the other hand, another feature double DIN stereo offer is that if your car model fits with double DIN, you can still replace it with a single DIN car stereo. 

How to Measure your Car Stereo?

As was stated earlier, there are two ways to measure car stereo: using an online database and measuring on your own. 

  • Measuring car stereo through an online database

When it comes to information about the sizes of car stereos, car manufacturers are the largest source of such facts. Of course, this is to provide their customers with the right information for their car stereos. 

However, even before the widespread of internet use, traditional street side car stores always keep a well-detailed record of their car parts. Therefore, they knew the exact size of the speaker or a head unit that fits in a certain car. 

These days, such information is available online in which you can use as tools in finding the best and the right head units for your car. 

  • Actual measuring of car stereo

Another great option to know the measurement of your car stereo is to make an actual measurement all by yourself.  

What you need to do is to remove the screws which keep the trim into place. Keep in mind to do this step, or else, you’ll end up breaking the trim. When the trim is removed, you will have a clearer view of what you’ll work with. After removing the trim, measure the width and the height of your present car stereo. 

As you see, getting the measurement of your car stereo is an easy task. Either you are still new or already knowledgeable about these components of your car, possessing ideas on how you will do it correctly is a must. 

In the end, having the correct size for your car stereo is important so that during buying time, you can easily choose what’s best for your car.  

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