How to Measure Tire Chain Size

How to Measure Tire Chain Size

If you live in a place that has a higher tendency of exposure to ice or snow, it is important to have a set of tire chains in handy. These tire chains will be securely fastened all around the tire so that drivers can gain better traction while traversing through difficult terrain. But, where can you find a tire chain? These things can be bought from tire specialty stores or automobile supply shops. In this article, you will learn more about these tire chains and how you should get them.

What Are Tire Chains?

Tire chains are devices that were designed to give support to vehicles while they are driving through ice and snow. When purchased, you should be able to identify the appropriate size based on the tire width and diameter. Through using these materials would mean that you will be using fuel more and you will not be able to speed, the benefit of tire chains is that you will be able to enjoy better braking and traction – especially while you traverse speedy roads.

Tire chains are available in different varieties – meant to match your different needs. It can be created from cables, links, fabric, rubber, steel, carbon steel, polyurethane, alloy steel, hardened steel, and rubber. Some also come accessorized with studs and bars to make the effect even better.

Sizing Tire Chains

1. To get the size of your tire chains, you should first identify the size of your tires. It would be possible to do this through the set of numbers and letters that you can find along the sidewalls of your tires.

2. This letter and number collection starts with a letter; then, it is usually followed by three numbers. These three numbers are equivalent to the width of your tire, as measured in millimeters.

3. After the dash, you will also see another set of two numbers. These two numbers describe the aspect ratio with regards to the tire width to its height.

4. You will also see another letter and two numbers after that. These two numbers are equivalent to the actual tire size.

5. That’s about it. Take note of all the three sets of numbers and present them to your local tire specialty store or automotive supply store and ask for the appropriate size of tire chains that you should get.

Sizing Tire Chains Through Its Links

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Another way to get the size of your tire chains is through the chains themselves.

1. Go back to the original packaging of your tire chains and check the label for the material size.

2. If the original box cannot be found, you can manually measure the chain. For instance, 7/0 chains are sized 1.0909 inches.

3. Count the number of all the chains. Do it two to three more times to make sure you do things correctly.

4. Multiply the size of one chain to the number of chains in total.


Tire chains are truly beneficial to drivers located in extreme weathered locations. As long as you consider everything carefully, you will not make any mistakes. When unsure, do not be afraid to ask your local mechanic or tire store salesman.

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