How to Mirror Phone to Double DIN

How to Mirror Phone to Double DIN

The use of cars is not limited to transportation; you can utilize most of it by enjoying your favorite music. Imagine a car without a stereo, sounds boring right? Yet, it is more enjoyable to connect your stereo with your phone and have it full control in a very inconvenient way. 

What is DIN or Double DIN? 

First off, you need to know terminologies first. There are car terms which not all people knew about. You may have heard it already, or it only sounds common, but what is double DIN by the way? 

DIN is an opening where the radio fits in with a measurement of 2” x 8”. DIN is an acronym for Deutch Industri Normen. This has been used by the Germans to make standard audio for cars like Mercedes, BMW, and many more. Started in the mid-80s, this audio set-up has been the standard of car audio around the globe.

The term “double” is given to the set up with the same width but has 4” instead of 2”. Single DIN and double DIN are almost the same, and their only difference is their measurement as well as their physical appearance. 

Single DIN is less noticeable than double DINs. Car enthusiasts have boiling debates about which choice is better yet if given a chance to choose double DIN, and then it is surely an excellent choice. 

Mirroring phone to double DIN 

It’s a great way to enjoy your favorite music and beats from your phone into your car stereo. While not all people are aware of how to do it properly, here’s a simple guide for you. 

There are different ways you can do to mirror your phone with your double DIN. You can use a cable to connect your phone with your double DIN. Once connected, go to “settings” of your phone and tap “about phone”. You will see a lot of options, and all you need to do is to tap “ software information”.  Choose the “build number” option (some require tapping seven times). After this, you need to choose the “USB debugging”. Now you can now control or input data on your double DIN with the use of your phone. 

The Convenience of Other Options

The advancement of technology has also give modernization to its accessories. 

In mirroring your phone to double DINs, it does not limit you with cable alone. In fact, these days, there are already double DIN head units you can use, which offer different specs not limiting to music but as a phone. It gives you a lot of options enabling you to make the most of your car and phone. These unit heads are designed for a standardized size that fits most autos. 

Other options include applications that offer convenience at the same time. Either Android or other smartphones will do, but not all applications have compatibility with all IOS. Better to have a little research before choosing a certain application you would like to use. 

Mirroring the phone to double DIN is not a difficult task. In fact, it can be done in just a short period of time as long as you will follow the instructions properly. Happy mirroring! 

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