How to Mount Tires Without Scratching

How to Mount Tires Without Scratching

Getting a new set of wheels always means good news to car enthusiasts. Having to install them, though, is a different story. Tire mounting is usually left on the hands of experts, but you can also do it all yourself. Basically, mounting your tires means placing the tires onto the wheels of the car and making sure that it works properly. When done properly, you avoid scratches and blemishes to both your tires and your rims. For the best results, here are the things that you can do.

1. DIY Tire Mounting Process

Start by checking if there is a valve stem. If not, install one through the help of some pliers and some lubricant. Still using the tire lubricant, apply them generously to your tires, especially at the inner and outer edges. Then, place the rim on a non-scratch surface like fabric-covered or cardboard-covered ground and lay the tire gently on top. Check if the tire has stability and is fully flat.

Use some pressure to push the tire bead to the lip of the wheel. This can be done by stepping on to the tire and using some force to secure the tire effectively. On the other side, mold the upper lip to the rim. Should there be some problems, you can use more lubricant or tools like a pry bar.

Review and double-check what you have done – with the end goal having all the rims covered by the lips of the tire. Make sure that you eliminate all visible metal on the rims to avoid scratching. Finally, use an air pump to inflate the tire with air. Repeat the process for your other wheels.

2. If You Have Access To One, Utilize A Tire Mounter Machine

The process can be started by applying tire lubricant all over the edges of the tire, both inside and outside. Next, check if there is a valve stem on the wheel. If not, you must install one. It should be placed through the interior of the rim, pulling it to reach the exteriors. For easier access, you can use tools like pliers.

Then, place the rim of the tire facing up on the mounting machine. Use the pedals to secure everything to the correct area. Once the rim is secure, do the same with the tire. Find the mounting arm of the machine, which melds the lips of the tire over the rims, and place it toward the rim’s edges. Hit the machine’s pedals to rotate the rim and be able to mold the tire over the rim.

Finally, inflate the tire with an air compressor. Repeat the process for your other tires.

Final Thoughts

If you are not an expert and are in doubt, you can opt to ask for help from any car service professional.  If you opt to do things on your own, remember to take your time throughout all the processes to avoid making mistakes. Handle the tires with care and lubricate properly, whether you are installing or removing. Following all standard practices will bring you to task completion, without the dreaded scratching, in no time.

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