How to Pick the Right Tire Chains

How to Pick the Right Tire Chains

Snow chains or commonly called as tire chains are utilized when there is snow or ice on the road. Its primary use is to help the tire’s traction.  It offers a real difference in the winter season when everything is covered in snow and ice, but only if they’re being handled carefully and expertly. However, chains used on the uncovered street can cause actual harm to the tires and the road. If you pass on a broken road, stop the car and unfasten the chains. 

Here are some of the things to keep in mind before picking the right tire chains. 

Step 1. Know your wheels

Learn which pair of wheels you have. You must also decide which chains to wheel. Chaining the front wheels or the back ones only will do. Chaining all four is recommended.

Take a close look at your wheels, and you will find a series of numbers. Look for the width, the sidewall height, and the wheel size. Take note of the numbers. These will help you get the correct chains. 

Step 2. Choose your snow tires

A snow tire is not universal, one-size-fits-all. Go to the auto store and check their available snow tires. 

Tire chains range from excellent chains that are long-lasting and most effortless to fit, to more practical designs which are best for irregular use.  It depends on your preference. 

Here are the different comparisons.

Excellent: These chains are of the greatest feature, and the easiest to place, take off and adjust. The chains fit well and are self-adjusting. They also come with a tool that helps you remove them effortlessly. These chain tires don’t need any effort. 

Great quality: These chains are in a variety of styles, and has the premium quality-wise feature, except for the easier installation and self-adjustments. One of its advantages is its durability. They are metal alloys that provide the best immunity to wear. 

Good quality: The chains are cheaper than the best chains. The downside is, they might not serve long as they are only made of toughened steel. 

Most practical: These are hardly real chains for they made from wires and rubbers. This is still safe and allowed to be used.

There are also different tire chain features you can take note of. 

1) Automatic Adjustment

Some premium tire chains will automatically install and self -adjust. 

2) Plastic Coating

This special coating will make the handles less cold so you will have a better grip on them. 

3) Rim Protection

These are the rubber buttons that protect your rims or the tires from any scratches or damages done by the metal tire chains. 

4) Off-Road

Aside from snow and ice, this is recommendable when trekking mud and dirt. This helps give better traction. 

5) Icebreakers

This is helpful when crossing icy roads rather than snowy pavements. The icebreakers will give a firm hold on the ice.

Whatever tire chains or special features you choose are up to you and to the type of car wheels you have, it is recommendable to check your car’s manual for any specific instructions when it comes to using snow tires, as well. What’s important is to drive safely and critically whatever the weather and the situation of the road might be. These things will make the necessary help, but it is up to the driver to be cautious likewise. Drive safely, whether on dirt, cemented road, or snowy streets.

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