How to Play iPhone Through Car Stereo Without Aux

How to Play iPhone Through Car Stereo Without Aux

One of the common problems among car owners with old models is connectivity. Driving your car is more enjoyable and fun while enjoying your favorite music. 

On the other hand, the iPhone is one of the famous brands of mobile phones today which is also a source of good music. However, what you will do when you cannot connect your iPhone because your car head has no aux or Bluetooth connectivity? 

Good thing, there are viable ways available so that you can play your iPhone Car Stereo without an aux. 

1st Option – Use FM transmitter plugged in your car lighter 

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It seems like the cigarette lighter of your car has another use. This FM transmitter gets its power from this source, and though it does not come with wires, it gets a Bluetooth signal from the FM frequency. 

What you need to do

1.    The first step is to plug the FM transmitter into the cigarette lighter. 

2.    Second, you must turn it to an unused type of FM frequency in your car stereo.

3.     Third, tune in your stereo into the same frequency. 

Upon doing the whole step, you may now play music on your phone and enjoy the sound coming out from your car stereo. 

2nd Option – FM Transmitter Directly Plugged in Into Your iPhone

Since in this method you’ll use a smaller FM Transmitter, this option is simpler than the former one. This method also lets you transfer music from your mobile phone to your car stereo even without Bluetooth or aux. 

What you need to do

1.    Connect the iPhone to the FM Transmitter. 

2.    Now, set up your car stereo with 87.9 frequency, which is specified in the transmitter. 

3.    Choose music or sound on your phone that you’ll want to play. 

4.    Finally, the last step is to plug it into your FM Transmitter. Always check the settings for both FM transmitter and car stereo are the same. 

Once done with the set-up, you will hear music from your phone in your car stereo. 

3rd Option – Using Car Cassette Adapter 

This option is the cheapest among them all, yet it’s the easiest way to play your iPhone even without an aux. Although these adapters were designed for CD players, these are also compatible with an MP3 player as well as iPhone mobile gadget. 

What you need to do

1.    Insert your tape adapter into the car’s deck. 

2.    Connect the iPhone through a headphone jack and hit the “play” button. 

3.    Now that you’re done, whatever you wanted to listen to found in your iPhone will also be stream in the speakers which are connected to your car stereo. 

What is the Best Option?

When it comes to this question, there’s no definite answer as to what the best option is. Picking the best choice will depend on a certain situation. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a quick solution, you can choose a car cassette adapter. On the other hand, if you have no deck tapes available and you don’t want messy and permanent wires, choosing an FM transmitter is an excellent choice. 

Choosing an FM modulator is highly suitable if you live in a place where there’s a crowded FM dial. This option gives a cleaner and more permanent solution to solve your connectivity problems.

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