How to Play Music Videos in Car Stereo

How to Play Music Videos in Car Stereo

Listening to your favorite music is a great moment, isn’t it? Yet, isn’t it more amazing to play the recently released music video of your favorite pop artist?

If your car is new, there is a need for you to set-up the connectivity of your stereo to your gadgets for easy navigation. But more than using gadgets, there are also other ways to play music videos on your car stereo. While this is not a difficult task to do, a lot of people still find it hard because of compatibility issues. 

In this article, you will learn how to play music videos on your car stereo. Before heading on, you have to make sure that your stereo is double DIN because it doesn’t simply work in single DINS. 

In double DIN stereo, features are made for convenience with the help of the LCD screen. More than playing the music video, this screen is also suitable for other purposes like watching movies (just make sure that you are not driving when you do this), and a rearview camera for some.  

The Different Methods To Play Music Videos in Car Stereo 

Using DVD or CDs

For watching other videos like skateboarding competitions or movies, the use of DVDs and CDs is one of the most common methods yet; it doesn’t limit to that. You can also watch music videos through DVD and CD by simply playing it in the car stereo. Aside from buying DVDs and CDs, you may also download the music video and burn it in CD or DVD tapes. 

USB Device 

Most car brands today include USB ports in their car models as part of its features. The USB ports have different uses, but for playing videos, it is better to use only one USB device for your auto’s stereo only. Always take note that USB ports are easy to corrupt, and you might lose your files saved in it. 

To watch a music video using this method, you only need to download your desired video as well as what format is supported in your car stereo. If you do not know the format, it is better to read the manual of your car for the correct information. 

When you’re done downloading the video, save it in your USB and attached it to your car stereo. Select the file and enjoy. 

Mobile Phone

In today’s generation, the use of a mobile phone becomes a significant part of man’s daily living. Almost all that man’s need is found on the mobile phone. For playing a music video on your stereo, one of the ways you can use is through a mobile phone. 

There are two methods you can use, either Bluetooth or using a cable to connect your phone to the stereo. If you choose a Bluetooth connection, you need to connect your mobile Bluetooth to the car stereo. There might be issues you will face in this process, as some may not compatible. You may refer to some guides on the internet to solve Bluetooth compatibility issues. 

Attaching your mobile phone to your car stereo through a cable is another option. However, certain car brands that do not support this certain feature and car owners encounter problems in this method, yet, for some, it actually works. 

Memory or Data Card

Again, another easy method and cheaper as well is through memory or data card. You only need to buy a good brand from a notable seller to make sure that your memory card works well and store more. When you’re done buying, download the music video you wanted to watch. 

These are different ways you can use to play music videos on your car stereo. However, it is not recommended to watch the music video while driving. Nevertheless, any of these methods will work and will surely uplift your mood along the way.

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