How to Position LED Headlights

Installing an LED light for your headlights is all fun and interesting until you accidentally positioned your LED in the wrong way. Yes, this could fairly happen, especially with all the variety of LED lights, car’s headlights, and the car’s model itself. They might be the reason why the LED Headlights faces a weird direction and is not interesting now at all.

But all of this can be solved. This is easy and just needs a little bit of adjusting here and there. With a little bit of that, you can have bright and amazing headlights lighting soon. Here are some of the steps and techniques you can do.


First, you must know what the final look is once you install the LED Headlights. Knowing the final look will help you make the necessary adjustments. So be careful of the LED headlights you buy. Make sure to ask if it is suitable for your car’s model. You wouldn’t want to buy one and discard it afterward because it won’t just fit well.

Since LED lights directionally give light, or in one and particular place only, it is crucial to set it where it can best give the correct angle light. If not, it could affect other drivers and would cause you problems too. It could be very hard for you to focus on the road without the headlight hitting the right spot well.


Next is to know the right position. It differed depending on the bulbs you use. There are two types; the single and the dual light.

The single headlight is easier. All you need to do it to make sure the LED chips are placed in its side to side adjustment. This means one LED chip should face to the left and the other to the right. This adjustment will allow a balanced light; thus, it will create a 360 degrees angle.

For the dual headlight, it is a bit tricky. Apply the corresponding orientation as the single one, but makes sure the cover sits below the LED chips. Make sure both the chips are almost aligned. The cover will help stop the light from dropping down. 

Follow those steps, and you will have a better headlight position that will ensure good angle lighting.

Additional Tip

If you don’t want to make the adjustments and want the instant result, you can take your old headlight and buy the same new design. This way, no adjustments will be made. It is also advisable to check your owner’s manual or ask professional help from a mechanic.


Installing headlight is just easy; it is the adjustments that need hard work. Good thing adjustments can be prevented with the right tools and size. Adjusting the headlight can also let you get to know your car better. So, whether with adjustments or not, it is still a win-win situation. The next time you are on the hunt for a better and brighter headlight, make sure you understand the specifics of the product so it won’t cost you your time, money, and effort.

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