How to Protect Tires From Dry Rot

How to Protect Tires From Dry Rot

Tires can be described as one of the most used parts of a vehicle. Like most products, tires also undergo natural degradation as time passes and as it is exposed to different types of conditions in the environment. For instance, changes in climate, humidity, ozone concentrations, and temperature can bring harm to tires. Additionally, tires can be worn down by misuse, low pressure, and not being able to use the car itself for a long time.

In this article, we will specifically look at the condition called dry rot and what you can do when your tires have it.

What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot in tires is also known as sidewall cracking. This is a problem that can commonly be defined as a decaying situation that can naturally occur due to aging or other causes. Simply put, this condition is exhibited by cracks all over the rubber of your tires – whether its sidewall or its tread. You might also see that the color of the tire is fading, moisture is lost, and the tire looks and feels brittle to the touch.

Ways To Protect Your Tires From Dry Rot

1. Practice Tire Storage Properly

If you leave in a place where there are cold winters and warm summers, you probably have a different set of tires for that. So that they will not lose their quality, it would be best to mount them at the right place and research the best ways on how you should consider long-term storage.

2. Plan Extended Parking Very Carefully

If your car is only used for recreation or as a part of a collection, make sure that they are stored in a way that eases weight off the tires. Also, the vehicle must be placed in an area away from direct sunlight – preferably covering the vehicle and the tires as an additional layer against harmful UV rays. The storage location of your tires must be free from harmful chemicals, as well.

3. Inflate Your Tires Properly

When your car’s tires are under-inflated, they become more prone to having problems. This includes issues with dry rot. You should verify the recommended pressure level based on the manufacturer of your car, and this should be maintained every month. Doing this gives you the chance to prolong the life of your tires and maximize its usage.

4. Do Not Use Harmful Chemicals On Your Tires

In the maintenance of your tires’ appearance, you might lean towards using a variety of protectants and other cleaning products. When doing so, you should be meticulous and read through the labels of the product and check for the presence of chemicals. This might require a little more research on your end, but this is beneficial in the long run.

5. Clean Your Tires Regularly

Though you should be wary amongst many products, it is crucial to have a regular cleaning routine. The simplest way to go with is to use a clean washcloth with a mixture of dish soap and water. There are many organic homemade recipes that you can go with – so that you can protect your car and clean it at the same time.


If you are truly a car enthusiast, you should not tire on caring for your vehicle and its tires. Dry rot can be a bump on your journey, but this can be defeated by routine care and maintenance. By following some of our tips, you will effectively stay away from the dreaded tire rot.

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