How to Put a Car Cover On

How to Put a Car Cover On

Leaving your car parked somewhere outside can be vulnerable. Some elements, such as tree sap, extreme weather condition, or tree sap, can be costly for a paint job. However, a good quality car cover will help in maintaining the prestige condition of a vehicle. The only problem is that not all vehicle owners are not convinced that putting on a cover is quite easy. But the truth is that after learning how to properly put a car cover on, everything will be quick and easy. 

Some car owners do not consider buying a car cover because it can be inconvenient since there should be two people to install it correctly. There are some techniques you can learn to be able to do this task alone. 

Easy Steps in Putting the Car Cover

  1. The first step is to remove the car cover from the packaging. 
  2. Find the tag with the label “front” on the cover’s internal side. Tip: If the car cover is not labeled, use a market instead to denote the front portion of your cover. This way, you can save time, not trying to figure out the cover’s front portion or vice versa. 
  3. Secure your car cover into the front bumper. Then, pull the remaining parts of the cover over the vehicle’s roof. Do it carefully and securely to your car’s rear bumper. Take note that if your vehicle’s antenna is not a retractable form, you can also mark the antenna’s placement on the cover. Then, put some self-adhesive patches into the area. When done, you may cut or puncture a hole in the patch’s center to let the antenna pass through. 
  4. See to it that every side of the car cover is well-stretched and no sign of loose ends. 
  5. Do not forget to check your car’s rear-view mirrors if they are properly covered. 
  6. Lastly, find the car’s buckle strap. Let the strap run underneath your car. Tip: Tighten this strap to prevent the wind from moving your cover around. If you skip this step, you will certainly believe that using a vehicle cover is bad for its paint. 

Important Tips When Using A Car Cover 

  1. The essential thing in the maintenance of your car is to ensure that it is free from debris, and it should be very clean. 
  2. A vehicle covered with tiny particles from any sharp material can cause an issue on the car paint. Take note that the car cover is not at fault because it is who you have put the cover even with a dirty surface on the car. 
  3. If you use your vehicle cover daily, it is not a problem. However, you need to wash the car on a daily basis as well before putting on the cover. Here’s a tip: Never let your cover touch the ground because it can collect dirt, thus, giving more scratches to the car and the cover itself. 

You can also watch video tutorials on the step-by-step installation of your car cover. If it is your first time buying one, you should look for a high-quality type for best results. 

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