How to Put Cable Chains on Tires

When you are driving other extreme conditions, it would be beneficial to provide an extra push for your tires. Whether it be for steep roads, snow, mountains, or rough terrain, your tires will surely thank you for allowing them to become more protected and feeling a little intimidated? In this article, you will know about how to put cable chains on your tires.

1. Find out the measurement of your tires and get matching chains.

Through the numbers along the lines of the sidewall of your tire, you will be able to identify the measurements that you need. You will be able to get the width and the height through the first and second numbers in the wheel. On the other hand, the chains that you will get also indicate which type of tires they would properly fit.

2. Begin fitting the cable chains on the tire where you install them.

Before you start, make sure that the vehicle is in the park and will not move during the process. Now that you have verified the size, it is time to lay down the length of the cable chains on top of your chosen tire. The best proportions would show it would cover about 75 percent of the tire’s size. Depending on the type of chains that you get, you might need to use some rings to fasten the chains to your vehicle’s tire.

3. Drive the car forward in order to show the unexposed parts of your tires.

Now, you can start securing everything to make sure that the tire will be fully covered. Keep on connecting all the chains in order to secure the remaining portion of the tire. This starts from the inner part of the tire, and you have to connect the outside part of the tires. You can use some tools to tighten links, or you can depend on some bungee cords to make the chains fit better.

4. Repeat the process to the rest of the tires.

The last part would be to verify first whether the inner and outer connections of the cable chains are linked together. Then, you should proceed with copying what you did to the rest of the tires. What you need to make sure of is that everything is in complete alignment with each other.

5. Tighten the chains again.

Drive your car again – at a distance of about 3 meters or 100 feet. This process will tighten the cable chains, as they shift a bit during the journey of driving. It is important that they are tight enough to serve their purpose for traveling during times of duress.


Putting cable chains on tires can be a little intimidating, but it is an important safety precaution. Plus, once you have done this process a few times, you will get the hang of it, and everything comes easier. You will be prepared when you encounter any emergency situation or if you are headed to some snowy mountains and other winter travels.

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