How to Put on a Steering Wheel Cover

How to Put on a Steering Wheel Cover

Proper care for your car is so important. Loving this hard-earned investment means you provide it with everything it needs to stay protected and in good condition. This includes paying attention to the steering wheel. 

That precious component of your car plays a very important role in your daily driving routine. Reckless use and lack of protection can lead it to deterioration in no time. You can preserve its life and pleasing look by putting on a good steering wheel cover. 

Why Use a Steering Wheel Cover?

Putting on a cover to your steering wheel is a quick and easy way to personalize it. The cover can stretch to easily fit into the wheel and does not demand anything else after that. Sometimes, it requires stitching for a perfect fit. 

A steering wheel cover does not only promote extended life and beauty, but it also enhances driving comfort. That’s because the cover gives extra grip and reduces your fatigue while driving. 

If your steering wheel looks awful, why not put on a cover for it? Doing so can easily solve the problem and even add a touch of sophistication to your car’s interior.

The market is rich in trendy options for a steering wheel cover. It may come in different materials, styles, and finish. 

Getting Started

Let’s say you already purchased a cover for your steering wheel. Get started in putting it on by following these steps:

1) Measure Your Steering Wheel

Of course, you need a tape measure for this task. Hold and stretch it across the wheel properly to get the exact diameter and write it down. Regardless of the model of the car you have, the steering wheel’s diameter often sits between 14-17 inches. 

Next, measure the wheel’s grip circumference or thickness. Hold your tape measure, wrapping it across the wheel’s body. The measurement should be anywhere between 2-5 inches. Don’t forget to write it down.

2) Choose a Kind of Steering Wheel Cover

After getting the measurements, your next thing to consider will be your preference when it comes to a steering wheel cover. What style or type do you want? Whatever you choose, make sure it will offer more grip to your steering wheel. 

3) Get the Cover Installed

Don’t forget to clean the steering wheel. Get a clean cloth and moisten it with isopropyl alcohol to remove the lingering dirt and moisture. Then, check your steering wheel cover and remove the stuffed Styrofoam or header card.

The cover can be either loose-fitting or stitch-required, depending on what it was made of. If the item requires stitching, you will notice that the material feels stiff or rigid. Make it a little soft by using a blow dryer. 

Once done, start aligning the cover’s upper portion to the same part of the steering wheel. Unfold it with care from top to bottom. Stretch the sides of the cover one at a time and mold it carefully to the steering wheel. Do it as close as you can until you reached the bottom.

Is the fit slightly off? If that’s the case, pull the cover backward to adjust it. Finish the job by tucking in the cover’s rim.

Guide for Stitching a Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover that requires stitching often goes with the needed sewing materials in the package. If yours does not have these materials, use the lacing string as an alternative in binding the steering wheel cover. 

The string’s length will depend on the taken measurements of your wheel. Follow the sewing holes and tighten the stitch so that the cover will fit perfectly. 

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