How to Refill Car Air Freshener

How to Refill Car Air Freshener

Air freshener is added in your car to create a wonderful atmosphere while driving, and it is also for the nose of the passengers. You can avail of a refill package which you can easily place in its container, but it’s expensive as some types can cost as much as $8 per pack.

However, there are ways for you to save money as you enjoy the wonderful scent inside your car. It’s all possible with the help of scented oil. You can choose between essential oil and fragrance oil. You will have a wide array of scents to choose from.

The oil can make you save money as a single drop of it can make a lot of difference. A little amount can drift off around your car, and it lasts for a good period of time. So refilling will not be too frequent in this case. 

Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil?

The essential oil contains natural components which are good for mood and health as it is deemed as therapeutic. On the other hand, the fragrance oil is made with artificial ingredients, so different scents abound.

The essential oil can make you spend more, but you can save some bucks by making it on your own. Both of them can give an allergic reaction to some people.

Do-it-yourself Car Air Freshener with Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil

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It’s not an ultimatum to use essential oil for this project as you can also go for the fragrance oil. Just make sure to skip on some scents like jasmine and chamomile as it can make you feel relaxed and doze off. 

It’s fine if for the passengers, but the driver should be awake and alert. This process would only require a few things.

You need to have denatured alcohol, and vodka is suitable for this requirement. You need to choose the oil to your liking. Both of them should be measure in 5ml. Don’t forget the bottle for mixing and a funnel for pouring.

Steps to Carry On

1. The freshener bottle is usually in 12 ml. The small plastic below the cap should be removed.

2. Pour the alcohol first into the bottle. Using a funnel will let you get away from the mess. 

Vodka has slower evaporation so it can prolong the life of your air freshener. 

3. For 50-50 mix, fill the bottle with your favorite oil. 

4. Cover the bottle with a wooden cap and don’t include the plastic stopper. Wet the cap with the mixture by tipping the bottle over. It’s ready to use. 

Different Ways of Making Car Air Freshener Refill

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Car air freshener comes in many forms. They can be in a car vent clip, plugin, or just with the glass or plastic container. 

Before you get started with the process, you should check the smell of the oil that you’ll use. Warming the oil gives the fragrance more strength so it can penetrate everyone’s nose. Just like its forms, there’s more than one way on how to do the refill. Here are three possibilities and you can choose the one that is convenient for you. 

Air Freshener Refill Using Eye Dropper

You have to use the car clip diffuser, which is made in stainless steel and, of course, refillable. You can also recycle an empty vent clip air freshener and add the oil for a non-toxic product.

Other things that you need are eyedropper and a huge embroidery needle. 

Necessary Steps:

1. Use the embroidery needle to make a hole of the top of an empty air freshener.

2. To fill the vent clip air freshener, use the eyedropper to transport your favorite scented oil. You have to put it on the hole that you made.

It could be messy, so you might want to do it in a large bowl so you can do the cleaning quickly with ease.

3. You can start using it by placing it on your air conditioner or heating the car vent. A good-smelling ride can begin.

Refill with Plug-In

In this method, you’ll need an empty plug in a container, a knife or something that is sharp and thin, and oil warmer’s scented oil.

Steps to follow:

1. Make sure you get the oil that is made for oil warmer. You can also use the oil that you made yourself.

2. Lift the lid cover, which is made from rubber plastic. It is the job of the knife. 

You have to do it with care as you will use the lid later on. The lid can be removed gently and slowly from the glass surface. 

3. Pour the oil into the container once the lid was removed. You have to do it slowly so the oil will be directly dropped to the container. You don’t want to make a mess out of it.

4. Then put back the lid, so the container is sealed tightly. If you have screws for it, you can have them on the cover. 

This process asks for no sweat as after a little time and a few steps; it’s ready to use.

Air Freshener Refill with Container and Wick 

1. Make sure that your container is clean and free of any remains of the previous scent. 

2. Your working place should be covered with cloth or paper towels to catch any instance of a spill. You can use latex gloves when you’re dealing with a strong fragrance.

3. You can take off the plastic cap by your fingers, or you can use a small screwdriver. Use a bit of force, but do it carefully.

You don’t need to remove the wick or even touch it.

4. Refill the container with the help of a funnel with a diameter of half an inch. Pour the oil into the container with enough consciousness to avoid overfilling.

The wick should be given enough air space and volume as over-saturation is not a good thing.

5. The plastic cap with the wick can be placed back. The wick should be in good condition and free of any damage. If not, you have to get another good one and start all over again.

Don’t rinse the wick with water. If you do it, it will swell or even break apart. So leakage can happen. 

6. Put a label on the container so you won’t mix up the scent. It can be used right away.

You have to check on the wick from time to time if there’s damage. 

Precautions when Making Car Air Freshener Refill

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Aside from overfilling that throws the oil to waste, there are other things that you should mind when refilling your car air freshener. You may use the wrong type of mixture, so don’t forget it should be the kind of oil for oil warmer.

Damaging the wick would ruin the process of the refill. It won’t only make the oil leak to nothing. The oil can start a fire when it contacts with electricity. You may prefer to use new empty bottles. Old air freshener container has a tendency to malfunction. 


You can stock bottles and make scents in batches. Label the bottles so you won’t be confused with the scents and pick which one you like to use at a time.

You won’t run out of the car air freshener as you can grab the oil and do the refill right away. You can buy essential oil or fragrance oil. But by all means, you can follow the few steps on making your own. They’re easy to make, and you can save money from doing so.

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