How to Remove Deep Scratch From Car

How to Remove Deep Scratch From Car

There’s a time that you let your car stay overnight outside of your garage. It’s a real bummer when you wake up in the morning and see deep scratches on your beloved car. 

A passerby or a neighbor may have used their keys to annihilate the surface of your car. Any person would feel disgusted upon seeing the marks.

You’re not only upset with your ride’s look, but you start thinking about the money that would cost you on fixing the deep scratch. The depth gets into the clear coat and the primer. 

This article will show you some hacks that you can do at home without the need of spending too much. They may be temporary fixtures as more permanent ones are by a car repair shop.

High-quality Scratch Repair Kits

Products that can do almost anything in an instant are available in modern automotive care technologies. You can find some scratch removers. 

You have to take note that the ordinary car scratch repair kit is only for scratches that are considered light and moderate. The damage is only on the light but not the base coat.

A certain repair kit includes a scratch filler so you can temporarily cover the scratch. It can reduce the severity of your problem.

It can help you get through the time until you can find the right, permanent solution for it. 

The Use of Toothpaste

This option may make some people’s brows raise. Toothpaste is known to eliminate scratches on DVDs, CDS, and screens of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. 

Toothpaste has scratch-removing abilities that are connected with its abrasive properties. It works like a gentler type of sandpaper that smoothens the surface.

You’re right if you can’t imagine toothpaste to fill in the scratch. It’s more of a mask or a disguise.

When the toothpaste fills in the scratch, it makes the latter less noticeable. The paste becomes flush with the car’s surface.

It’s a kind of remedy that can get you through while you’re on the road. It can help you while you still can’t apply a professional scratch removal.

Duct Tape Doing the Job

You may realize that it’s not the best option, but choosing a duck tape with the same color as your car is the exact way. It’s a trick of covering the scratch.

There are various colors of duct tapes that you can buy these days. So choosing the one that matches your car is fairly easy.

Putting the duct tape should be even. Avoid creating crease lines and other distracting lines. 

It can be your quick solution until you can gather the necessary things to start a good paint job on your car. 

Touch-up Paint or Car-color Spray

You only need touch-up paint or car color spray in some instances. You can have more control when you use touch-up paint rather than a pen-like device.

However, this thing is great for light to moderate scratches. Some would settle for car-color spray as it’s excellent for covering unusually large scratches like multiple ones. 

You need to give your intense focus and interest when using touch-up paint. You can use any of these things, but you should choose the right color. 

Before applying them, you have to clean up the scratched area by using sandpaper. Then you can apply the paint, then a clear coating, and the final part is the wax. 

Why Not Turn it into an Artwork?

A person with artistic eyes would find a way to sort out scratches on his car. They can turn into latticework by the formation of layers of color, stickers, or trims.

This option requires imagination and creativity. You have to be willing to give up the conservative appearance of your car and turn it into louder, edgier, and more contemporary style.

Summary of Temporary Fixes for Deep Scratch From Car

These things that are presented here are effective remedies before a professional repair is applied. They are traditionally proved hacks like sanding, meticulous cleaning,  clear coat application, polishing, spraying, and waxing.

These things can be done by yourself. When deep scratches come up all of a sudden, you can apply it first before doing the exact, permanent solution. 

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