How to Remove Scratch Marks From Car

How to Remove Scratch Marks From Car

It’s the worst feeling seeing your car with a scratch. Either deep or a light one, you need to fix it, though. Dealing with this predicament might be difficult for some, but here’s a word for you, you can fix it, dude, with the help of certain tools you can easily buy in your local shops. How to do it? Here are some hacks to get rid of scratch marks from your car. 

Choose scratch repair kits with a high quality

The good thing about car technologies today is the fact that it offers many products helping you do almost all things on your own. When it comes to dealing with scratches, you may choose scratch repair kits which might help you solve this problem. 

These kits are intended to help you deal with light to moderate scratches. For deeper ones, you may use this kit, though, but take note it’s just a temporary solution. However, it is as efficient as you can expect that it will help you solve your problem before you get it a permanent repair.  Always choose repair kits with good quality as there are many choices in the market. 

Use some toothpaste 

One of the common hacks which are also used in removing scratch in CDs and DVDs is the use of toothpaste. A lot of people usually raise their eyebrows, hearing this solution, but it actually works. The abrasive properties that toothpaste has will help deal with scratches in your car. 

Toothpaste is like gentle sandpaper that will smoothen the surface of your car. What it actually does is that it fill up the space allowing it to become flush in the surface, enabling the scratch to become less noticeable. With that being said, it is “less noticeable.” This meant that you still need to have your car a professional scratch removal. 

Using duct tape 

If your car has a longer length of scratch, covering the scratch with duct tape might not a good idea for some yet, it will help you also. What you need to do is to choose a tape with the same color as your car’s paint. 

Today, you can find tapes in different colors which give you convenience in dealing with this problem. Just make sure to apply the duct tape evenly without any traces of the crease line. This might not be the best solution yet; it will help you buy enough time before you can give your car a nice pain job from professionals. 

Using touch-up paint and car-colors spray 

Sometimes, dealing with the scratches on your car will only require you touch-up paint or a car-color spray. Most people choose touch-up paint since it is easier to control. However, this solution usually works with small to a mild level of scratches. For deeper ones, most people choose car-color spray. It is a good choice to cover such a large area of the scratch. 

Both of these solutions will require concentration and focus. Another key thing here is to choose a color the same as the paint of your car. Either choice you’ll apply, it is important to do some preparations first. 

Clean the area first with the use of fine-grit sandpaper and don’t forget to apply a clear coat after using touch-up paint or car-color spray before giving it some finishing wax. 

From scratch to art 

There are some artistic car owners who preferred to turn their car’s scratch to art. For example, you may artistically turn the scratch mark of your car into a latticework through using stickers, decals, or trims. This will mask the scratch of your car and will also draw the attention of people away from scratch. 

However, how successful this trick will be will depend on your artistic ability, creativity, and imagination. Most of all, it will also depend on how much you are willing to sacrifice with the looks of your car. 

It is an important thing to note that all of the above ideas shared with you are just permanent solutions. Depending on the level of severity of the scratches, solutions should take days to get solved, and most of all, with the help of professionals. Nevertheless, these tips will help you deal with scratches temporarily. 

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