How to Replace Car Seat Cushion

How to Replace Car Seat Cushion

Comfort is essential for car drivers and owners. One of the most important sources of comfort is the car chair. They are padded with foam and are bathed with your preferred material – may it be leather, canvas, or other types of fabric. But, of course, like other parts of your vehicle, the car seats also suffer from wear and tear, and you will have to get them repaired to bring the cushions back to their ideal state. By replacing your car seat cushions, you will feel brand new all over again.

In this article, you will learn about how to replace your car seat’s cushions.

1. Get Your Car’s Owner Manual

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The first thing that you should do is find the vehicle’s manual of your vehicle. In this trusty book, you will be able to find details on your car seats and the actual specifications that you need to do so that you can remove the seats from your vehicle.

Once you have the instructions ready, use a wrench so that you can release all of the bolts that secure the chair into brackets. Then, it is time to remove the entirety of the chair and place the chair in an area where you are free to work on changing the cushions.

2. Verify The Current Condition Of Your Car Seat Cushion

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Decide if you fit any of the following scenarios:

  1. Faulty seat springs – This problem requires more than changing cushions. You have to go to your trusted mechanic or technician.
  2. Hard seat cushions – This might require adding some cotton padding.
  3. Total cushion replacement – When this is the case, you can also consider getting the entire seat replaced.
  4. Foam in good condition but saggy in some parts – This will require lots of new cushions within the seats
  5. Additional support – This will just require extra layers of cushions for better lumbar support

Consider the type of foam that you would rather use. You have the option to go for low-density foam, rubber foam, or memory foam. All of this is dependent on your current requirements.

So, you should decide whether you would want to replace the cushions only or if you also would want to replace the material covering your seat. 

3. Begin Replacing The Cushion In The Car Seat

If you are interested in preserving the old seat cover, carefully use a utility knife and cut along the edges. Carefully remove the old cushions to make room for the new ones. Then, cut the new cushions according to the appropriate measurements and slide it inside into the covers. Start sewing the material carefully back together to complete the seat and prepare it for reinstallation.

4. Verify and Put The Seat Back

Make sure that the covering material is at the best standing and fits well with your seat cushions. Once that is reviewed and verified. You can place the seatback inside your vehicle. Then, you can reattach the car seat that you have assembled and tighten it all using bolts.


Once you followed all of these steps, you will be free to enjoy your new car seats! Maintain using and handling it with care to prolong its life. Should trouble come on the other seats, you know what to do next.

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