How to Roll Up a Truck Bed Cover

How to Roll Up a Truck Bed Cover

Every truck owner wants to get the most out of their trucks. They are constantly on the lookout for any aftermarket add-ons that can add value to their vehicles. Truck bed covers, also known as tonneau covers, have been around since 1982, and they have proven their worth as an excellent addition for trucks. These are constructed from durable material, either a soft or hard material and are available in many styles. Go shopping, and you will find roll-up covers, retractable covers, snap covers, and hard one-piece fiberglass bed covers, to name a few.

Advantages of Getting a Truck Bed Cover

  • Visual appeal
    Truck bed covers provide a classy element to any truck. They can be painted to match your truck. They also help cover up any dirty bed easily.
  • Protection from loss, thieves, and unpredictable weather conditions 
    One of the most obvious benefits of a tonneau is the protection they provide. Whether it is from loss, theft, or from harsh weather elements, these covers are very reliable and long-lasting. They are constructed using sturdy materials and have the ability to lock into place.
  • Improved gas mileage 
    One advantage of these covers that is often overlooked is improved gas mileage. They are built with an aerodynamic design that helps the bed generate less air drag and up to 10% savings in gas mileage over time.
  • Increased Truck Value 
    With all of these features and benefits, a tonneau cover will do well in helping you save money now and when you decide to sell your truck. For one, it helps prevent serious damage that can result in costly repairs. And upon reselling, the bed will be in much better shape as compared to if it was left open and exposed.

As mentioned, there are several types of truck bed covers, and each one provides its benefits. In this article, however, we will discuss more the roll-up tonneau covers, the most common type of truck bed covers.

How They Work

The roll-up truck bed cover typically works similarly to how you would roll a mat. Its usage and functionality are most similar to a retractable and folding tonneau cover but are not determined by pre-set folds as it would with the folding cover. These covers are placed in front of the bed and behind the truck cab.

The entire mechanism works by pulling a latch on the side and simply rolling up the cover to the front, all the way into the bulkhead, giving you full access to the truck bed. Just as easily, the cover closes by rolling it until the end of the truck. Once latched down, the cover is closed. Just like its installation process, the entire operation is very easy, even for anyone, including women and young children. 

Truck bed covers had come a long way since its inception during the days when people used horse-drawn carriages to travel. In fact, advances in the design and manufacturing of tonneau covers continue up to this day. With all its benefits and improvements, it only makes sense to invest in your vehicle with a truck bed cover.

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