How to Size Tires for Chains

How to Size Tires for Chains

When you often travel on a winter month, you should consider the right tire chain. This is something that you need to carry along. It should readily be available as required by some states among drivers. This is true if the weather can result in a road to becoming dangerous or difficult when driving. 

Understand that tire chains can bite into slush, ice, or heavy snow. This can bring extra traction to your rig. And this ensures you safely arrive at your destination.

Its availability in different sizes also depends on particular travel needs. Check the instruction manual of the vehicle for some more recommendations. This is true to using the chain.

Know the Size of the Tire

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A particular tire chain can already fit with many different tire sizes. Figure out the size of the tire by locating the number and letter combination on the sidewall of the tire. As per the first 3-digit number, it refers to the width of the tire in millimeters. As to the 2-digit number, it refers to the ratio percentage. It is calculated after the height of the rim tire by the width. 

Consider the Application

Asses yourself if you are a part of a utility company or a lumber industry? Are you a highway service worker or a trucker who navigate a steep mountain or a hard-surface? Think as well if you have a year-round, an all-season, or a radial tire. Are your tires also designed for mud or snow? As to the snow tire shoulders, they feature a different tread as compared to the all-weather version. They would need a longer kind of chain covering a surface area.

Think about the times you will mount the chain. Will it be when necessary or every snowfall? Will you need a dual or a single chain? 

When you install the chain, observe your speed. As you go faster than 30-mph, it might risk the chain and set it into failure. If the road condition already improves, remove the chains to prevent premature wear. It will help avoid an increase in fuel consumption and damages to the road. It might somehow affect the way that the vehicle is handled. 

Practice Installing

Do not wait for trouble to come to visit you while driving. Be familiar with installing a tire chain. Read the mounting instructions and install the tire chain on the dry ground. Practice fitting the tire chains so that they fit correctly. 

Chain up to withstand poor driving situations. Pull your vehicle off the road and keep it away from traffic. Park it into a parking lot or a garage. Lay the tire chain on the ground. Remove the kinks or twists. Check for some possible signs of damage. 

Next, drape the tire chain on top of the tire. Straighten it out to properly distribute on the two sides of the tire. Drive a little distance to expose the wheel that touches the ground. Secure the tire chain on the rest of the surface. 

Tighten it depending upon the style. After you move the car forward about a hundred years, examine the chains for some possible fit and tension. Check the tension again or if the chain begins to hit the wheel. But, just remember that excessive tension could result in the wheels spinning and the tire being damaged. 

Follow the tips as mentioned on how to size tires for chains!

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