How to Sync LED Lights to Music

How to Sync LED Lights to Music

Isn’t it fun to watch those flickering strobes of lights during parties or events? Those lights that dance together with the beat of the music? Those lights that give color to the background and keep the party alive are LED lights. With the evolution of inventions, creativity goes into the minds of the experts. Thus, this does not leave the circle of LED lights behind. Today, LED lights are used in so many ways and places. These are the stars in every party and occasion. Without these lights nowadays, parties would have the same on/off lights that never joined the beat of the music. Mostly today, all LED lights are designed to be sound sensitive and flicked its lights together with a sound. That’s what we are about to tackle, if you love to bring dancing colors into your room, we will help you set it up.

Ready to Install LED lights

There are a lot of choices in the market today where you can buy LED lights with a complete set already. All you have to do is to attach them via USB port to your sound system and enjoy the party. Some LED lights also come with a remote which you can control the lights during music or the LED light will be the one to move it beat together with music. However, if you don’t have a ready to party LED light, then we will make them from scratch. 

What you Will Need

First things first, your materials, tools, and supplies must be prepared. These are the following:

  • LED Lights or LED strip lights – usually, they come already with an adapter (12v) and other freebies, like mounting clips with 3M tape. If not, then you can find a
  • 12v adapter, look for the spare ones.
  • LED music connector
  • Speakers

What you Will Do

Separate the wires of the LED light strip connector and strip them with wire cutters. You can also use scissors if wire cutters are unavailable. Be careful with scissors; you might cut the whole wire. Then feed the colored wires into the correct slots (same colored with the wires). Hence, locking the wires in their places. There you have it, and your controller is set.

Now, connect your LED light strips to the controller. In feeding the light in the controller, open the hatch (connector). Make sure that it is waterproof and rubber-free before feeding the light. The LED lights will be attached to the controller by closing the hatch.

Make sure that your speaker is close enough to the controller since the sensors are not that strong enough. Turn your music on and see the LED lights flashing along with the beat. 

Parting Tip

Though this could be your DIY LED Lights, it is better if you opt to buy for the easy installation ones. There are tons in the market out there that offers different LED light strips that will cater to your needs for your DIY designs. Choose for the brighter colors and won’t get burned easily with the loud sound. 

Doing these DIY steps in syncing your LED lights to music can be a great help, especially if you love throwing parties. Setting it up is easy as long as you have the right tools and supplies you will need

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