How to Tell If a Car Battery Charger is Working

How to Tell If a Car Battery Charger is Working

To tell if a car battery charger is working, you need to check its parts and things that make it function. They should be in good condition, so there is no doubt the charger works.

The Functions of Car Battery Charger

It starts with AC in 120 volts from an outlet, and it is changed to 12 volt DC to be available for the car’s battery. It’s the low voltage, as it is the ideal one for charging a dead battery.

High voltage can be dangerous as it can cause an explosion. Quick charging is not advisable as it can cause damages to the batter and put human lives in danger. On the other hand, a charger with a high charger output can charge quickly. 

The car battery usually carries 48 amp-hours. An amp brings 48 hours to the engine, while two amps are for 24 hours. Six amps are down for 8 hours, and so on.

You would know that a car battery charger is in top quality as it prolongs the battery’s life. It can also restore its performance, so you feel safe no matter where you’re heading with your car.

The car’s engine exhausts the charger as it draws energy when starting up and stops frequently. When the car is not running, the battery dies down or goes flat while the alternator is not working. 

So, a car owner should be knowledgeable on how to charge and maintain a car battery and the function of a car battery charger.

Car Battery 

To deliver energy to your car’s battery, the car battery charger drives an electric current to it. The duration of charging and the necessary current all depend on the size and type of car battery.

Some batteries are tolerant of overcharging. It means the charging continues even though it’s full.

But if you have the type that doesn’t have the said ability, you have to be watchful if the charging is complete. When they go on overcharging, it can bring damages like lifetime is shorter than the normal capacity.

Overheat can occur, and it can escalate to an explosion. It should have a timer that can stop charging once the battery is full.

It’s helpful if a charger has circuits and a microprocessor controller. These parts are capable of sensing temperature and voltage. 

Check the Battery First so Car Battery Charger Can Work Well

  • The battery is not damaged, frozen, nor cracked.
  • If the batter has a vent, it should be free from obstruction.
  • See to it that the charger cables are well connected to the battery before proceeding to charge.
  • If the battery turned too hot for your touch, turn off the charger right away and unplug the cables.

A fully charged battery is essential to minimize the chances of the automobile malfunctions or being stranded in some places.

Summary of Charging Car Battery Function

The AC volt from a household outlet is converted to DC, which is delivered to the car’s battery as 12 volts CD current. 

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