how to temporarily fix a flat tire

How to Temporarily Fix a Flat Tire

It can be infuriating to find your tires flat, especially when you are out on the road. The tow truck might take a couple of hours to arrive. Now, there’s no need to worry. You can fix temporarily fix your car’s tires with these steps.

If you are driving, or out in the supermarket and suddenly have flat tires, here is something you can do. 

First, you can inflate your tire. 

Use a portable air compressor to pump up the tire. Make sure to get one as this is very helpful for you and your tires. It can save time and sweat. 

Connect it to the tire’s valve stem, turn it on and wait until you reach the precise psi measure. Once the tire is fully inflated, wait for a couple of minutes to be sure it won’t go flat quickly and might cause an accident. Then you can drive home to the repair shop or at home where you can fix your tire. 

How to fix tire at home:

When you reach home, you can start inspecting your car for any problems. 

There are two ways on how to check the leak on your tires, you can check it while it’s still attached, or you can remove the tire from the car. 

When you choose to remove the tire from the car, you can use the scissor jack and the tire iron.  A breaker bar and a jack stand will also help you do the job effortlessly.  

TIP: If you are not confident on how to use the jack and lift your car correctly, you can check your owner’s manual. This will guide you on how to do it safely. 

STEP 1. 

  1. First, use the tire iron and loosen the lug nuts. Do this without raising the car yet. 
  1. Next, jack up your car with the help of the breaker bar and a jack stand. Once it’s done, completely remove the lug nuts and take the wheel. 
  1. Once the wheel is off, make sure it’s completely inflated. This will help you find the leak easily. 
  1. A leak is mostly caused by a nail or any sharp object, so keep your eyes out for them. If it’s too difficult for you to find the leak, use a mixture of dish soap and water. Spray it on the wheel and look for any bubbles. These bubbles are created by the air flowing out of the tire. Check every part of the wheel and see how many leaks there are. 

STEP 2. 

After finding the leak, check out for any nails or loose screws. Make sure you have your plug leak ready. Grab the plug pushers as well as some plugs.  You can get a tire tackle kit. This kit is affordable, and it has everything you need to plug your tire. 

  1. Prepare the plug leak. Insert it in the plug push tool until halfway through. 
  1. Carefully remove the nail or the screw. Use pliers and gently pluck it.
  1. Get the reamer from the tire tackle kit and press it down into the hole. It can be tough, so you need to put enough force to firm it in. Prepare the hole using the reamer by pulling it up and down. 
  1. Have your plug push tool ready on the other hand. Remove the reamer and immediately insert the plug push. 
  1. Push it down until there’s an inch left, then quickly remove the plug push tool. 

The plug will remain in the hole. Wait until it seals and dries up. Using the cutter, cut the end of the plug. Add air to the tire before mounting it back to the car. 

Learning how to fix your flat tire can is very important, and given the right tools, fixing it will come easy. However, applying a plug to fix the leak is not a lasting solution. It is still best to consult a professional to avoid doing any harm to your car. Go to your trusted auto repair shop and let them check your car.

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