How to Turn a Car Seat Into a Chair

How to Turn a Car Seat Into a Chair

Upcycling is a great trend that helps you get rid of unwanted items and designing them to serve a new and better purpose. If you have a junker car lying around, you can overhaul that and create a comfortable chair you can use in your home office. In this article, the instructions are laid out for you, so you can make this into an enjoyable do-it-yourself project.

Things That You Will Need

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  1. A car front seat – You can get one from a junkyard if you do not have one available
  2. An old swiveling desk chair – Make sure that the mechanical base is in great condition, preferably a five foot one
  3. A welder or some welding skills
  4. A hacksaw, a bandsaw, or an angle grinder
  5. A drill
  6. A steel box
  7. A sheet of steel, preferably 4 mm thickness
  8. Tape measure and marker
  9. Other basic tools like hammers and screwdrivers

Instructions: First Part

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  1. Gather all the supplies and tools that you will be using.
  2. Get the base of the desk chair and measure the distance from the center to the surface inside. Then, arrange the new subframe that you will make using the car seat. Make sure that this distance is preserved – so that you will achieve a proper balance that there will be no risk for the chair to tip over when the wait is placed on it.
  3. Next, get rid of the seat padding and the back padding of the desk chair. This might require the removal of some screws and bolts. Sometimes, you might also have to remove some pieces of steel that you won’t need. Make sure that you will dispose of everything that you will no longer need in an ecological way.
  4. Take note of the distance between the bolt holes from the front rail to the back rail. This number should be added 20 mm and remembered for future use.
  5. Also, measure the distance of the bolt holes from one side to another. This time, identify the width of your steel box section. Multiply that by 2 and subtract the bolt hole distance from the product. Jot down the number for future use.
  6. Then, measure the distance from the front of the steel plate up to the back. Jot down this number. Next, subtract the length of the box from the earlier number.
  7. Using a band saw, start cutting down the lengths you have jot down. You should have six steel box sections in total.
  8. Lay all the sections down and position them all accurately. At first, spot welds them and weld them together once you finish everything.
  9. Next, get the width measurements of the chair’s desk plate and jot them down. Like what was done earlier, weld everything into place.
  10. Now, the subframe is now complete.

Instructions: Second Part

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  1. Make something to hold your chair in place. This can be done by having to mark out 3 rectangular shapes on the steel plate. The measurements must be 1.5 inches by 2 to 3 inches.
  2. Then, place a bolt hole near the top of each shape using a drill.
  3. Cut out each rectangle through the use of an angle grinder.
  4. Install these mounts on your subframe by welding them into place.

Instructions: Final Touches

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  1. Bolt the subframe into your car seat.
  2. Should you have some errors in your measurements, tweak your bolt holes by drilling into them and making them larger.


Turning a car seat into a chair can be a challenging project. But, if you have the time to take on a new adventure, the results will be worth it, and the knowledge you gain will be priceless.

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