How to Use a 12V Air Compressor

How to Use a 12V Air Compressor

Air compressor works like seizing the gas and pumping it into the needs of its owner. The working principle is not that complicated.

The atmospheric air goes inside the mechanism to be compressed. A 12V air compressor is suitable for both amateurs and professionals who have to deal with pneumatic equipment. 

However, it is not the easiest tool to use through the explanation of how it works is simple. So you need some steps to show you how.

It can save you when you’re driving out of nowhere, and all of a sudden, your tire got busted. There are other uses of a 12V air compressor in some enterprises.

It is used for coating surfaces, and it also assists stamping equipment. 

Before showing you how to properly use a 12V air compressor, safety should go first.

Safety Tips for When Using an Air Compressor

Safety measures are necessary when using mechanisms like the air compressor. It is essential for inexperienced users so they won’t create a hazard that can directly go to themselves. 

Without proper use and regard to safety, you can also cause breaking down your equipment in no time.

1. Inspect the equipment, whether there are foreign objects and damage. 

2. Be keen on checking if there’s something that can cause grounding.

3. You also need to check lubricant levels.

4. You can check the condition of the cooling system by turning it on.

5. If there’s a provision from the model, you’ll be able to check the serviceability of automatic systems and instrumentation.

6. Keep tabs on the positions of ballasts and valves. 

Steps on How to Use a 12V Air Compressor

1. Tool Preparation to Start Working

You can start by installing the wheels and damping support. If the suction filter is not installed, you have to remove the plug located at the compressor’s head before doing so.

You have to remove the cap of the crankcase cover then put it in the oil level gauge. The oil level should be between the maximum and minimum indicators.

You have to see to it that the main voltage is similar to the voltage of the compressor’s technical data.

2. Making an Air Compressor Work

Once the installation operations are completed, the air compressor is ready to start working. Of course, the switch should be on.

The plug should be inserted into the main socket. You can turn on the air compressor by the main switch found on the pressure switch.

When it is used for the very first time, you can let it run for 10 minutes. Just fully open the valves.

You have to close the tap and allow the air to be injected into the receiver. It automatically stops when the maximum pressure is reached.

3. Adjustment of Pressure

Monitor the optimal pressure that can be carried by your model to ensure correct usage. You can adjust the air pressure to obtain the desired value with the help of a reducer. 

To increase the pressure, turn the knob clockwise. To decrease it, you have to do it counterclockwise.

The pressure value is shown on the pressure gauge.

4. Shutting Down 12V Air Compressor

Shutting down the air compressor by unplugging it from a power outlet is a big ‘NO’. Turn off the pressure switch first. 

How Would You Know the 12V Air Compressor is Working Properly?

When the 12V air compressor is turned on, you would hear a whistle in every stop of the motor. It’s a long whistle that goes on for 20 to 30 seconds. It’s the indication that tells you that it’s working well. 

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