How to Use a Car Air Freshener

How to Use a Car Air Freshener

Odor can be powerful as it can bring positive thoughts and a good mood. It can even bring out a collection of memories that you won’t be forgotten easily. 

Cars are closed spaces with limited air circulation. When a filthy smell develops, rides may be intolerable as it attacks your nose. 

The smell in your car may show your hygiene as a person. If the smell is not good, it won’t leave a good impression on you. 

So using a car air freshener is the solution. But you will come to the point that you can’t decide what kind you will get.

Cheap ones may only last for 2 days. Getting the same kind of car air freshener may be tiring, so you will search for more.

Air Freshener as a Potion 

Air freshener emits fragrance, and it is used for small, enclosed spaces like cars. Masking is usually used in car fragrances. 

Other ingredients are terpenes, glycol ethers, preservatives, aerosol propellants, and solvents. 

When you use a car air freshener, you should know the various kinds that are available in the market.

Various Kinds of Car Air Freshener

You can have the reference below:

1. Aerosols

It usually comes in cans with pressurized liquid or gas that you can spray. You need to use it regularly to overpower the odor.

The effects that focus on eliminating the bad odor can be done in just a matter of a minute or two. It’s recommended to buy the kind that is not too overpowering to consider comfort. 

There’s always an option to create a vibrant environment when you and other people are confined inside the car. 

2. Hanging Cardboard Air Fresheners

They have scented cardboards, and they are used by many. You can put it beside your rearview mirror or at the passenger’s seat handle. 

They’re cheap, but they can serve you and your car for 5 to 8 weeks. Therefore, it’s one of the best air fresheners.

3. Non-hanging Paper Air Fresheners

It’s a new kind of air freshener. A thin paper fabric is used for fragrance and oil to cling to. 

It expels a sweet smell while absorbing the bad odor. They can last 2 to 3 weeks.

4. Oil Diffusers

They are the latest innovation in the world of air fresheners. They are composed of mixed fragrances that you can connect to its wick on AC vents. 

It has a modulator so you can make adjustments on how fragrance is released at a certain time. It reduces an overwhelming feeling.

It is also one of the air fresheners that can last for a long time. 

5. Oil Wicks

Oil wicks are one of the best kinds, and they are commonly used by many. They come in small plastic bottles with wick and fragrant oil. 

You can also attach them to AC vents, just like stick vents. The air from the AC is mixed with the fragrance, so it releases a pleasant smell.

6. Plug-Ins

You can connect them to a power outlet. It’s very cost-effective, and it carries a mixture of oil. 

The cases heat up to release the nice aroma with the help of electricity. So it creates a pleasant environment.

7. Sticky Gel Fresheners

Gel is a popular material for air fresheners. The sticky oil gets along well with a sticky body, so car owners find it great.

You can place it anywhere as long as it is dry and even. They’re usually placed on the dashboard as it can release the nice scent to the entire car. 

8. Vent Sticks

They are sticky objects that can be attached to AC vents with the help of a clip. When the AC blows air, the fragrance is mixed to make the inside of the car pleasant-smelling.

They’re inexpensive, but both the driver and the passengers can smell its fragrance. 

Trusting Your Senses When Buying Air Freshener for Your Car

Buying an air freshener should be based on your personal preference. Think about a scent that can make you feel happy or exuberant as if you’re on holiday. 

Here are some things that you can follow.

1. Accepted by Everyone

A car is like a family member. When getting an air freshener for it, see to it that your family members don’t get irritated and overwhelmed. 

So you can ask your family members what scent they prefer. You can choose something baseline if you have different preferences. 

It’s better to choose something natural like fruits, mint, lavender, and grass rather than having dark and musky ones.

2. Long-Lasting

Longevity is another factor you have to consider when buying a car air freshener. You may search for information about a certain kind of fresheners such as half-life, life span, and other related things.

3. Seasonal

You can also go seasonal as it comes with variation and different moods. You can choose soothing or minty air freshener during summer.

It can be flowery or fruity in spring. Wood oaks or something Christmasy is both good for winter.

4. Checking Reviews

One common way to do it online to help you decide what to buy is checking reviews. Comments from people who have real experiences from using the product are quite helpful.

5. You’re Looking for a Scent, Not a Perfume 

Don’t settle on buying just a perfume. Your car air freshener should soothe the mind and body.

You can change the fragrance from time to time so you can have a vibrant ride every time you’re in your car. 

Car Air Freshener and Air Conditioner

You must know that using a car air freshener can affect the function of your air conditioner. Some of them are attached to the AC vent.

You should be watchful for car air fresheners that give off greasy or sticky residue. You shouldn’t get them though they don’t directly damage the air conditioner.

They leave residue and dirt that can hinder the AC from functioning well. These things can enter the cooling coil of the AC so they may disable the cooling capacity.

It can even bring out a bad odor. It may not be a concern in modern cars as they have a carbon filter. 

If the said situation happens, the filter should only be replaced often. 

Afterthoughts in Buying Car Air Freshener

Of course, it’s possible to get an air freshener for your car though you need to protect the air conditioner. Your car needs to smell fresh. 

Make sure your air freshener won’t block the function of the air conditioner. Clean and replace some things based on the demand for necessity. 

Many kinds of air freshener deliver aromatherapy effects like diffusers and essential, fragrant oil. 

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