How to Use a Car Battery Charger

How to Use a Car Battery Charger

Car batteries are a very important component of vehicles. Taking care of it is a necessity, but it might wear out as well due to certain conditions and habits of its owners. 

Did you know that the more often you have a short trip added with regular on and off will wear out your battery? Of course, winter season adds ups this scenario as there will be frequent use of car heaters, headlights, and wipers. 

In times when your car battery won’t start, you might have a discharged battery, which is also termed as “flat” battery. Avoiding such an untoward situation is possible through using a battery charger. It is not an expensive accessory and a really helpful one. This accessory will use the main current, replacing the lost charge through negative and positive clips to its corresponding battery post. 

Consider the Right Amperage 

While using a car charger with a battery charger is a simple task, there are also a few things you must keep in mind. Always use a charger with the right amperage for the battery that you needed to charge. Experts suggest the use of a smart car battery charger since it has a reverse polarization feature, and it will also prevent overcharging. 

The amperage of battery chargers ranges from 2 to 10 amps. A high amperage output will give a faster charging capacity. For charger with 2 amps capacity, it will usually take about 24 hours to give 48 amps to your car battery; especially, it is totally “flat”. 

Car batteries have 48 amps capacity. Basically, it will charge 1 amp per hour. If you wish to charge your battery at an output of 10 amps, then this is just a quick charging process. After 1 to four hours, make sure to switch off the charger to avoid overcharging. 

On the other hand, there are chargers that offer an automatic turndown of current into lower amps when the battery is already full. These chargers have maintainers making sure that your battery will remain at the charging level when it is already full. 

Charging While Still Connected

Many car owners often ask a question as part of a precautionary measure if charging the battery is fine while it is still connected. The answer is yes, you can as long as you are using a trickle charger. As it was stated earlier, it will keep the battery at a charging level even for some time extensions. However, it is better to disconnect it if you are using a full charge battery to ensure safety. 

The Rise of Smart Chargers

With the modernization of auto machines and equipment, smart car chargers are now offered in the market. Through this technology, it is no longer a problem to charge your car battery overnight. It gives safety and good precautionary measure, which many auto owners should try. 


Either you are already a pro or still learning a few things, and you can always use the car battery charger easily. As long as you will follow the instructions given in your charger, use the right amperage, and make sure to follow its compatibility, you won’t experience problems along the charging process. These are powerful devices that are highly helpful and will make it easier for you to deal with the situation. Always choose the best car battery charger for optimum performance. 

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