How to Use Universal Oil Filter Wrench

How to Use Universal Oil Filter Wrench

Oil filter wrench is used to remove your vehicle’s oil filters. They need to be changed after reaching 7,500 to 10,000 miles of travel according to mechanics. 

The engine of your vehicle needs to get a new oil filter and be fed with new oil. To fulfill your car’s need, your hands or a certain tool can’t open the casing of the oil filter. 

It would only respond to the oil filter wrench. There are two common types of this tool. 

One is strap filter wrenches which can be adjusted to conform with the size of the casing as well as the oil filter. The other type is called socket style wrench, and it only works with specific size and type, but it won’t need a lot of space compared to the strap style.

A universal oil filter wrench would be great as it has all the features that you need to deal with different sizes and types of oil filters. You would want to own one.

Features of Universal Oil Filter Wrench

  1. It has a self-tensioning effect as it becomes adjustable.
  2. The left and right adjustments are automatic. So you can release and tighten different sizes of oil filters.
  3. It has better hold when releasing than other types because of its left-toothed jaws.
  4. It can reach filter housing that is placed in an area that can be accessed easily.
  5. The strong griffin teeth are specialized to form a secure mounting necessary for a filter. You can expect a powerful release of the filter.
  6. It is made of special steel.
  7. It is designed well for the removal and installation of filters and filter cartridges alike.

Using a Universal Oil Filter Wrench

Before going to the steps, there are other tools that assist the oil filter wrench in completing its job of removing the oil filter.

Necessary Tools

3/8-inch ratchet
Oil drain pan
Vehicle ramp
Oil drip pan
Open-end wrench
Oil filter wrench
Wheel chock

Step-by-step Guide When Using Universal Oil Filter Wrench

  1. Lift the car first off the ground by using jacks and its stand. Secure the stable position of your car by using a ramp or block box on your rear tires.
    Put your vehicle into a passive mode so you can search for the oil pan.
  2. Go underneath your car to find the oil pan. It is a flat metal dish situated by the engine’s bottom. 
    You have to catch and collect the oil, so you need a container. Don’t allow any spillage on the floor.
    You need to remove the drain plug so you can drain the oil from the oil pan. Then you can start looking for the oil filter.
  3. To make it easy for you, you can check the owner’s manual for the oil filter’s location. Not all vehicles have it beneath them.
  4. Once you found it, use the ratchet to make the wrench turn on the oil filter without much effort. You will apply the torque in any direction, but still, the wrench automatically tightens for you to remove the oil filter. 
    It can remove oil filters between the sizes of 2.2 and 4.25 inches. 

Final Words 

Having a universal oil filter wrench makes oil filter removal goes with ease. You can depend on its grips and turning ability with the help of the ratchet. 

It can save you time as you don’t need to worry about the grip as it has an automatic feature. You can use any sizes of the oil filter, and that’s awesome.

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