How to Wash Your Car With Foam Cannon

How to Wash Your Car With Foam Cannon

You may have seen images of cars like a cake coated with foamy cream. It’s the outcome when you use foam cannon when washing your vehicle. A foam cannon can produce thick suds out of the mixture of water, car wash soap, and air. The ingredients are in the right amount, and they are all combined to give you car a nice washing.

It works with pressure washers to shoot the car with the mixture. A pressure washer is used in several things like taking water from a garden hose. You can either use gas or electric pressure. It’s recommendable to use a gas pressure washer to make nice suds, but it’s a bit expensive, louder, larger, and more cumbersome. 

But when you use it together with a foam cannon, you can create a snowy effect on your car. Once the foaming suds got on the body of your car, there’s enough lubrication for you to glide your hands on it. 

This process will not give your car scratches nor swirls. If you haven’t tried this way of cleaning your car, you will learn how to do it in this article.

Steps on Washing Your Car With Foam Cannon

1. Mix 1 to 3 oz of your preferred car wash soap into the foam cannon’s canister. It’s best to use warm water as it works better in the aerating aspect of the mixture.

Attach the canister back to the foam cannon once you’re done with the mixture. Some cannons have adjustable dials so you can control how much foam comes out of them. The level of the soap is based on the dirt present in your car.

2. Coat your car with a decent amount of suds. Let it stay for a few minutes as you witness that grime and dirt slowly slide down your car.

3. Simply rinse your car with water. You don’t have to worry about scratches. 

4. Then do another round of foaming. Let another thick layer of foamy suds cover your car. It should be done to make sure that you get rid of every bit of dirt on your car.

5. Use a mitt to scrub off any remaining debris and dirt. To still be mindful of possible scratches and swirls, use the two-bucket method to rinse the car. 

Aside from dirt, you have to make sure you also have taken care of bubbles. Don’t let it mingle with the surface of the car during the drying process. 

6. Use a soft towel to wipe and dry your car. 

Tips For You to Use the Foam Cannon Correctly

Using foam cannon seems fun, but you just don’t do it for a past time. You need to get your car cleaned up. 

Here are the tips that can help you use it correctly.

1. The Right Pressure Washer

The foam cannon won’t work without pressure washer. There are two kinds that you can choose from. They are electric and gas pressure washers.

An electric pressure washer is known to be quieter, easier, and smaller. So it would be easy to move it around. 

But gas pressure washer has more GPM and PSI so it can generate thick foamy suds with safety measures. GPM and PSI should be within what the foam cannon requires.

2. Choosing the Appropriate Soap

All soaps create suds, but there are specific ones that would give you the foamy result. There are many brands that you can choose from.

You only need a few ounces of soap every time you wash your car. 

3. Use Warm Water for Dilution

As a product of modern technology, foam cannon can come up with the perfect combination of soap, air, and water to create foamy suds. Warm water works best in this matter as aerate the ingredients that are mixed. 

Don’t shake the mixture too hard once the soap is diluted inside the canister. You can mix it by using swirling the solution in a circular motion.

You have to do this to avoid unnecessary build-up inside the canister.

4. Way of Rinsing Your Car

You can rinse your car first before letting it mingle with the foamy suds. You have to do it to get rid of the largest debris or dirt so these things won’t rub and mess up with the paint. 

Rinse your car starting at the top and going down to the bottom with the pressure washer. Then you can proceed using foam cannon to your car.

5. Maintenance of Foam Cannon

You should avoid just throwing your foam cannon with a deposit since you’re done using it. A calcium deposit can form, and it would hinder the proper function of the cannon.

So rinse your foam cannon to release all the residue. You have to throw the remaining solution inside it. 

Then fill the canister with clean water and keep on shooting until all the soap is gone. You can store it after there’s no more soap inside it.

Final Take

Washing your car with a foam cannon is an enjoyable way to do the cleaning. It won’t only serve you fun, but its efficiency will be shown on the result.

You don’t have to be the concern of any swirl or scratch. This way can be applied to all sorts of car models.

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