How to Wire 2 LED Light Bars Together

How to Wire 2 LED Light Bars Together

Wiring and connect one LED light may be very easy, but to connect two of them might be a little daunting. Not only will it give make the wires a little complicated, but it can also raise questions. ‘Will the car be able to power the two LED light bars? How do I connect two wires? Is this safe enough?’ Well, by this time, you have already decided on buying LED light bars for your car. Make sure to check the instructions and the manuals beforehand. To connect them well safely, here are the basic steps.

Things you need: 

You need a relay. It is an electrical switch best used for your LED lights. From the high-current circuit load, the relay will control the flow of electricity through a low current switch circuit. This is very helpful to ensure there’s no overheating, thus keeping your car and LED light bars safe and sound. 

A wiring harness helps you get your truck’s LED lights up and running. It is used as a connector to the relay and the LED light bars. This is a set of organized wires. It is better to use it for safety purposes. These will help for easy installment. 

Now, let’s get to work. 

First, mount your hood. Install the relay at a convenient location. Connect the switch wires into the battery, and settled the wires where you want the LED lights to install.

Next, connect the switch wires into the compartments and attach the switch.

If you are going to use more than two lights, you can use external fuse blocks also mechanized by the relay. Attach the extra fuse block on one side of the hood, and connect it to the battery. Turn the trigger wire into the company fuse block to locate a fuse with twelve volts.  Take a fuse tap to help you attach the trigger wire. This is safer, easy to install, and more convenient to use.  

Then, now that you have everything in place, take your LED light bars and connect them to the switch wires. Refer to the manuals guide for reference on which wire goes where. 

Before securing everything in place, check if the LED lights work. 

Lastly, once it works perfectly fine, you can finish installing the LED light bars where you preferred them to be.

Added Tips

1. Get to know the wires you need.  It is very important to know which wires to use and how they work. 

2. Make sure to have everything you need. It is very important to know the things you need to use to make it easier and convenient to install the LED light bars. 

3. When in doubt, ask an expert. You can ask your mechanic to get a clear view on how to install the LED light bars.

It might be overwhelming at first, but when you get the hang of it, installing an LED light bar will get easier and better. With the help of the right tools and wires, you can have your car shining and with more satisfying lighting. So, get those light bars and start connecting some wirings.

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