How to Wire LED Lights to Cigarette Lighter

The cigarette lighter is one of the features a car has. It is powered by what we called the car outlet or automotive power socket, which normally gives 12v electricity power. Aside from the cigarette lighter, some accessories were created to fit in the power socket to have other means as well. Some accessories are air fresheners, phone chargers, and many more. One of these accessories that are in trend today is the LED light strips. These colorful and vibrant light strips are mostly used to modify a car. Hence, giving another unique feel and environment to both rider and viewer. These LED lights that give color to your ride also comes with a cigarette lighter plug. It can be easily installed in your car by plugging it in the power socket of the cigarette lighter. It gives accessibility to installing without having the hassle in a long-time process.

However, some car enthusiasts opt to wire their LED lights than to have it plugged—the reason so that they can still use their cigarette lighter. 

LED Lights and Car Cigarette Lighter

In installing your LED lights for your car’s interior, there are possible ways on how you could wire them. There are LED lights that already come with a cigarette lighter plug, which are easy to install. LED lights with a cigarette lighter plug usually come with a +12v, that is already compatible with your car’s battery. However, you need also to check your car’s owner’s manual about your cigarette lighter’s volt it can give if they can power supply your LED lights or not. However, you end up with your cigarette lighter occupied and cannot use your car’s cigarette lighter if you need them the most. We can help you with that, given these two options for you to have.

As said earlier, you need to check your cigarette’s lighter’s power it gives. Check if it has enough voltage to support your LED lights volt requirement. Once checked, you have two options on how to connect your LED lights.

There are two ways in which you can install your LED strips:

1) Wire Visibility

This method is cutting the wires of your cigarette plug, then separating the wires and stripping off the rubber into 1 inch down. Then connect the two wires to the negative and positive wires of the light strips. As the name of the method states, the wires are visible.

The next option is:

2) Open Plug

This method is keeping your plug open in short. Thus, this way, you can still use your car’s cigarette lighter. It is accessing the behind of the plug through your car’s dash. You can see the two wires, then splicing it and the same method of connecting the positive and negative wires of the light strips. 

Parting Tip

Now, given with these two options on how to wire your LED lights to a cigarette lighter. It still depends on you on what to do. However, take note of this whenever you want to modify your car. Some states allow aftersale car modification, and some stater is not. It is better to check with your state first so that you could enjoy as well the beautification of your car without getting reprimanded. 

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